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    The Story Forever and Eternal Trailer: From Basel, criss-crossing Southern Europe. At the wheel of the camper sits Niggi, a passionate photographer and inventor, next to him Annette, his neck-paralyzed wife. For 20 years she has been in need of help and care around the clock. It would never have occurred to him to house her in a home. Brave and witty and charming, the aging couple wrestle with life, whatever beautiful things are waiting for them. ALWAYS AND ETERNAL is Fanny Bräuning's second long documentary after her award-winning film "No More Smoke Signals". Actors: Annette Bräuning, Niggi Bräuning
    Director: Fanny Bräuning
    Production: Thomas Thümena
    Screenplay: Christian Lisker, Fanny Bräuning
    Film music: Patrick Becker, Denis Séchaud, Olivia Pedroli
    Official Websites: – Movie Website
    Roles: Annette BräuningHerselfNiggi BräuningHimself

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