Cinema Charts Germany: The Top 10 from 23.09.2019


    So much movement in the German cinema charts was rare! Four newcomers have the chance to oust Stephens Kings remake of It – Chapter 2 from the Throne of the Cinema Top 10. It is also exciting which films have to leave us this week. Lots going on in the current cinema charts. Let's get started:
    The highest newcomer of the week is Rambo 5 – Last Blood. As the title tells you aptly, should then be over with Sylvester Stallone in his parade role as a war hero, who always has to go back in various missions in crisis areas. While the action strip in the US is only rank 3, Last Blood in this country only has to give up the horror remake It 2. 2nd place for the FSK 18-Actioner.
    In third place, the space adventure Ad Astra reboots with Brat Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones. Top-sci-fi suspense that makes it to the top neither in the German cinema charts nor in the US cinema charts. But who then? Also on position 4 lands a newcomer. The animated sequel Angry Birds 2 promises cinema fun for the whole family. The beloved figures from the smartphone app of the same name are back against the nasty green piggy, with new characters and tricky tasks.
    Three places down it goes for Disney's real-life adaptation The Lion King. Faced with new competition, the film can no longer hold the top titles of the week. In sixth place follows the # 1 in the US cinema charts: The feature film for the hit series Downton Abbey promises a reunion with the original cast of the British drama series. Afterwards, the Good Boys can climb to a good seventh place, ahead of Quentin Tarantino's retro-hit Once Upon A Time Hollywood, Brat Pitt second, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.
    The conclusion of the current Cinema Top 10 is the cinema romance Gut Gegen Nordwind and the Gerard Butler action angel Angel Has Fallen. We say goodbye this week to the three child-friendly films Playmobil – The Movie, Pets 2 and Toy Story 4. In addition, the Fast And Furious offshoot Hobbs And Shaw is no longer represented in the German cinema charts for the first time. Maybe he will come back. Below the list of places 1 to 10 we show you the trailers in our video player. Start it with just one click.


    After 27 years, the characters from Part 1 return to their hometown Derry, because Pennywise is back and more cruel than ever! Check out the trailer for the horror sequel Es 2 – Chapter 2.


    John Rambo has been living in peace on his ranch for many years. When Gabrielle, the daughter of his housekeeper, is abducted by gangsters in Mexico, Rambo once again pulls out his guns. German trailer for Rambo 5 – Last Blood.


    To find his missing father and solve a mystery that threatens the earth, the astronaut McBride travels to the very edge of the solar system. Ad Astra – To The Stars.


    The second cinema adventure of the Angry Birds is waiting for you. And there is a surprising twist: pigs and birds have to work as a team! Here you can find the first trailer for the new movie. Angry Birds 2 – The Movie.


    HEIMKINOFamilyKinostart: 17.07.2019 Trailer

    In 2019, Disney will bring the real-life adaptation of the classic The Lion King to the cinema. Behind the scenes, jungle book director Jon Favreau is responsible. Here are all the trailers and information about The Lion King 2019.


    You are welcome to return to Downton Abbey. In 2019 there is the first movie and here comes the trailer, first pictures and all information to continue the stories. Downton Abbey.


    With the comedy superstars Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver, the creators of Superbad, Pineapple Express and Bad Neighbors are the producers behind this unrestrained comedy break. Good Boys.


    Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt as his stunt double. Margot Robbie as Sharon and a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino. Hold on, here comes the funny, brand new trailer for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.


    In a reality occupied by everyday life, is there a better room for lived longings than the virtual? In Leo Leike emails accidentally emails an unknown Emmi Rothner. Good against north wind.


    Gerard Butler tries to protect his country and the president, but himself suspected. Now he is on the run from the FBI and at the same time has to save his country and the president. Angel Has Fallen.


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