Good Movies: The Best Cooking Films


    Cooking and baking was still a chore for grandma. Today you do it out of passion and because you simply know best what tastes really good. Here we introduce you to five films that are about food or cooking and which we can highly recommend – almost with top / bottom heat at 185 degrees.


    Young Hassan Kadam has an extraordinary cooking talent. When forced to leave his native India with his father, they decide to move to the small town of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in southern France to open an Indian restaurant there. Madame Mallory And The Fragrance Of Curry.


    Adam Jones is like a rock star: brilliant, successful, passionate and with a very excessive lifestyle. This costs him the job as a chef in one of the most exclusive starred restaurants in Paris. In the intoxication of the star.


    Carl Casper and his assistants Martin and Tony like to stand in front of steaming pots and sizzling pans for their lives. Unfortunately, Carls Boss Riva does not believe in their ambitious dishes and forces them to prepare an uninspired menu. Kiss The Cook – So Tastes Life.


    Little Remy dreams of becoming a famous chef. Not only does he struggle with the prejudices of his family, but also with the obvious problem that the targeted profession is a rodent-hostile industry: Remy is a rat! Ratatouille.


    Shortly before her 30th birthday, Julie Powell (AMY ADAMS) feels rather depressed. Looking for another direction to give her life, or at least some distraction, Julie discovers a new passion. Julie & Julia.

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