Halloween: Daily in October scary movies in the Disney Channel


     When a cool wind blows over the cemeteries, the shadows on the wall come to life and the monsters come out from under the bed, that can only mean one thing: the scariest-most beautiful time of the year begins again! Vampires, witches, zombies and co. Are soon sneaking from door to door and are causing trouble, because Halloween is only a stone's throw away. And since monsters are not very patient as we know, the Disney Channel has something very special in store: The whole of October is celebrated with the MONSTOBER a big Halloween party on the Disney Channel! With over 40 horror-filled feature films and a large dose of humor, there is the right goosebumps feel for everyone. How can the waiting time be shortened? So into the costumes, set up pumpkins and turn on the MONSTOBER in the Disney Channel!
    Just in time for the primetime, the witching hour begins and the Disney Channel shows its MONSTOBER movie highlights, where creepy horror stories go hand in hand with amusing adventures. In addition to popular classics, such as THE TOLLKÜHNE WITCH IN YOUR FLYING BED, THE GLORY OF NOTRE DAME or THE WITCH AND THE MAGICIAN, there are also beautiful TV premieres this year, such as NICKY, DER DRAGENJÄGER or GNOME ALONE. Also part of the show is the first installment of the popular feature film trilogy DESCENDANTS – THE AFTERWHERE. At the final spurt, the complete film series of the cult film HALLOWEENTOWN will be shown and the German TV premiere of the exciting film WILDHEXE will be the culmination.
    Here are all Halloween movies in the overview

    THE TOLLKÜHNE WITCH IN YOUR FLYING BED, Tue, 01.10. at 8.15 pm
    R.L. STINE: MOSTLY GHOSTLY – VISIT FROM THE BEYOND, Wed., 02.10. at 8.15 pm
    HALLOWEENTOWN – MY GRANDMA IS 'NE WITCH, Thu, 03.10. at 8.15 pm
    THE WITCH AND THE MAGICIAN, Fr., 04.10. at 8.15 pm
    NICKY, THE DRAGON HUNTER, German TV premiere, Sat, 05.10. at 8.15 pm
    THE GINGER OF CANTERVILLE (2005), Sun., 06.10. at 8.15 pm
    ZWEXIES – THE TWIN WITCHES, Mon., 07.10. at 8.15 pm
    FOREIGN FRIENDS, Tue, 08.10. at 8.15 pm
    R.L. STINE – I MAY IMAGINE: MY SPIRIT FRIEND, Free-TV-Premiere, Wed., 09.10. at 8.15 pm
    HALLOWEENTOWN 2, Thu., 10.10. at 8.15 pm
    BIBI BLOCKSBERG, Fri., 11.10. at 8.15 pm
    MARY AND THE FLOWER OF THE WITCHES, Free TV Premiere, Sat, 12.10. at 8.15 pm
    DESCENDANTS – THE DEPARTMENTS, Sun., 13.10. at 8.15 pm
    THE CANNED OF CANTERVILLE (2016), Mon., 14.10. at 8.15 pm
    MANNEQUIN, Tue, 15.10. at 8.15 pm
    R.L. STINE'S GEISTERSTADT – KABINETT SCHRECKENS, Free-TV-Premiere, Wed., 16.10. at 8.15 pm
    HALLOWEENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, Thu., 17.10. at 8.15 pm
    THE GRUMP – CAUTION, ZORNIGER MAGICIAN !, German TV premiere, Sat., 19.10. at 8.15 pm
    THE SPIRITS OF NANTUCKET, Free TV Premiere, Mon., 21.10. at 8.15 pm
    THE SECRETS OF SPIDERWICKS, Tue, 22.10. at 8.15 pm
    R.L. STINE – THE NIGHT IN THE MASTERHOUSE. Free TV premiere, Wed, 23.10. at 8.15 pm
    HALLOWEENTOWN 4 – THE HEXENCOLLEGE, Thu., 24.10. at 8.15 pm
    THE GLORY OF NOTRE DAME, Fri., 25.10. at 8.15 pm
    GNOME ALONE, Free TV Premiere, Sat., 26.10. at 8.15 pm
    HALLOWEENTOWN – MY OMA IS 'NE WITCH, Sun., 27.10. at 8.15 pm, start of the complete film series
    HALLOWEENTOWN 2, Mon., 28.10. at 8.15 pm
    HALLOWEENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, Tue, 29.10. at 8.15 pm
    HALLOWEENTOWN 4 – THE HEXENCOLLEGE, Wed., 30.10. at 8.15 pm
    WILDHEXE, German TV premiere, Thu, 31.10. at 8.15 pm

    And if you dare, click on our player now and get a spooky taste of the MONSTOBER.

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