The Gallows 2: Trailer to the horror sequel released


    Found footage horror has been enjoying unabated popularity since the Blair Witch Project. Similar to the big role model, Gallows was also able to celebrate big box-office successes with a comparatively low budget. It was clear that The Gallows 2 would come for sure. Now the first trailer has appeared.
    Puzzlingly, the first trailer for The Gallows 2 (see video player below the text) has just been released – although the movie has been finished for some time now. At least it is to be assumed, because already in July of last year it came out that The Gallows 2 was secretly filmed and even submitted to the US equivalent of the FSK, so that the film could be tested for age.
    Such a thing is usually done only with ready-made and produced films. Otherwise it would hardly make sense. So why is the trailer for The Gallows 2 so late and the movie itself released this year on Halloween (in the US) in theaters and shortly thereafter as Video-on-Demand?
    So far, no background information on the reasons have leaked to the surface. But if you look at the production history of Blumhouse Productions, you could for example draw parallels to Oren Pelis films Paranormal Activity and Area 51. While the former was known to be a huge success, the latter appeared nevertheless only with great delay and was significantly worse.
    Does Blumhouse The Gallows 2 possibly also look qualitatively at a lower level than the first Gallows part and postponed the release? Or did you just want to avoid the big Halloween movie last year and see this year's October as a promising one? Currently, this can only be speculation. The first trailer for The Gallows 2 seems at least to stay in the style of its predecessor at first glance – but see for yourself:

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