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    The story about Firincinin Karisi Trailer: Ferdane (Büsra Pekin) suffers from her worthless husband Mustafa (Alper Kul), and leads a sad existence as a housewife. But at some point her husband begins to behave mysteriously, and above all extremely feminine. Ferdane can not shake the suspicion that this man is not even her husband, even if he looks exactly like that. Suspicious and curious, she begins to track down this behavior and, together with her dreamy brother (Korhan Herduran), finds herself in an unpredictable adventure. Mustafa, however, must realize that he could never trust a human being more than "his" Ferdane, but after the turbulent events, she is no longer the housewife she once was.Actor: Büsra Pekin, Alper Kul, Korhan Herduran, Beyti Engin, Seda Turkmen, Ayça Koptur, Ferdi Sancar
    Director: Murat Onbul
    Screenplay: Murat Taskent
    Production country & year: Turkey 2019
    Cast: Büsra PekinFerdaneAlper KulMustafaKorhan HerduranRamazanBeyti EnginVahdimSeda TurkmenHacerAyça KopturGülümserFerdi SancarIsmail

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