Horror Highlights 2019: These films are still in the movies


     Es 2 recently launched the horror highlight of the year in theaters. But the coming months still have a lot to offer. Here you can find out which horror movies await you in the rest of 2019.
    As early as the end of September, three horror films were released in theaters: Midsommar, Ready Or Not and 3 From Hell. In Midsommar, American students travel to Sweden to attend celebrations in a small community. But the community turns out to be a kind of cult and also the festivities turn out fast as a true horror trip. Midsommar launched together with Ready Or Not on September 26, 2019.
    Ready Or Not is a horror comedy in which a young woman marries into a rich family. However, to be fully absorbed, she must undergo a bloody ritual. But she has to hide in the family's villa until dawn, without being killed by family members.
    Last but not least, 3 From Hell released the sequel to The Devils Rejects by Rob Zombie. The three serial killers have survived and are now on the run from the authorities and a Mexican cartel. Even the recently deceased actor Sid Haig will be seen for the last time in his role as Captain Spaulding. 3 From Hell starts on September 27th in selected cinemas.
    Four horror films will be waiting for genre fans in October. It starts with We Have Always Lived In A Castle, which will be released on October 3, 2019. In the film version of Shirley Jackson's novel, two sisters live together with their uncle in a huge estate and separate from any civilization. When the cousin of the family comes to visit, a quarrel arises between the sisters.
    A week later, on October 10, 2019, the next deep-sea horror hits the screens with 47 meters down: Uncaged. On an expedition in a sunken city, the four scientists meet giant sharks, which are indeed blind, but especially bloodthirsty.
    With Halloween Haunt and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, two horror movies appear on Halloween. In Halloween Haunt, some students visit a cursed house on Halloween to find out they were actually in danger. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is about a group of teenagers who find a mysterious book that reads the children's thoughts and makes their worst fears come true.
    In November, Zombie Land 2, Doctor Sleep, and The Lighthouse will bring three highlights to horror fans. In Zombieland 2, the protagonists Wichita, Little Rock, Columbus and Tallahassee are dealing with lots of undead again. The horror comedy will start on November 7, 2019. Doctor Sleep is the next film adaptation of a Stephen King novel. In it, Danny (Ewan McGregor), who has grown up in the meantime, has to take on a fanatical cult. His gift, the shining, helps him. The film will start on November 21, 2019 in the cinemas. The lighthouse revolves around two lighthouse keepers who are slowly falling into madness. In the two main roles Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson can be seen. Theatrical release: November 28, 2019.
    In December, the second remake of the classic from 1974 will be released with Black Christmas. Several students experience a horror trip after spending Christmas at university to study. A killer is out for the group. The theatrical release is December 12, 2019.
    The year 2019 has so many horror films to offer. From atmospheric scary films, about Slasher movies, to horror comedies is all there. It should be something for every taste.

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