Rambo 5: Stallone angry at Downton Abbey


     The heated discussions about Rambo 5: Last Blood are going to the next round. Only recently, the film was beaten together with newcomer Ad Astra at the box office. The British series continuation Downtown Abbey could overtake the two newcomers. Sylvester Stallone obviously did not want to let that happen. Here you will learn what the actor posted in response to the net.
    The history series Downtown Abbey has been around for quite a while. In it we follow the stories of the noble family Crawley. Since 2010, an impressive fan base has also built up in Germany. Nevertheless, hardly anyone expected that the eponymous movie sequel would perform so well. As a cinema newcomer, she was able to prevail against Ad Astra and Rambo 5. The profits at the coffers can really be seen.
    According to Variety, Downton Abbey landed globally at $ 61.8 million and ranked # 1 in the United States. The film alone had a total of 120,000 viewers in Germany. That the audience absolutely celebrates the cinema version is now obvious. This achievement is particularly impressive, because behind the project only the small rental Focus features stands. Despite his small size, Ad Astra could beat Brad Pitt and cult franchise Rambo. A performance that Sylvester Stallone does not like at all.
    He did not let the shame sit on him and struck back on Instagram. He made the box-office fight a national affair between Americans and Britons. The Rambo marketing team posted an Instagram video. The British viewers are portrayed as being too weak for the American action movie. Is there possibly a bad loser? You can now see the trailers for Rambo 5: Last Blood and Downton Abbey in our video player. Simply click to start the videos.

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