Star Wars 9: Great Battle with the Emperor


     The latest trailer for Star Wars 9: Skywalker's ascent confirms what the first trailer already hinted at. Imperator Palpatine will, in one way or another, return and influence the galactic events. But how and why Darth Sidious aka Sheev Palpatine returns.
    Already in the first trailer of the Star Wars Episode IX Palpatine's laughter was heard. That made for a lot of speculation. Meanwhile, some actors and also a movie poster confirmed the actual return of the Star Wars villain. But how is it that he survived Star Wars 6 after Darth Vader threw him into the core of the Death Star? There is no official answer yet, but the Stars Wars Legends, which until the takeover of Lucasfilms by Disney were part of the official canon, show that Palpatine has immense powers. So he created in the Legends works of various clones, in which he transferred his mind after his death. Whether Palpatine will use this option in Star Wars 9 or if he will find another way to run away from it will be revealed.
    Also interesting is what impact the return of the Sith Lord might have on the story. So he could have kept an eye on Rey, after all, this is in the trailer with a Sith robe and a red lightsaber to see. According to some theories, even Snoke was just a puppet of Palpatine, and now, after Snoke's death, Palpatine again takes matters into its own hands.
    Whatever it may be, Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker will be a finale that will last long enough for Star Wars fans. Finally, the showdown between Palpatine and the Skywalkers might not seem familiar to a few fans. How it will finally happen, we get to see on 19 December 2019, when Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker starts in German cinemas.

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