The Jungle Book 2: Earliest Theatrical Release


     Three years before the successful real-life adaptation of The Lion King, The Jungle Book re-filmed an equally popular Disney classic. First plans for the sequel movie The Jungle Book 2 are now also available.
    After the The Jungle Book 2016 hit both the audience and the critics very well, it is hardly surprising that Disney plans a second part. This could be about stories that have long been forgotten.
    Unlike we know from other films of the Jungle Book, Mogli does not turn his back on animal friends after defeating Shir Khan but stays in the rainforest. It is quite possible that in the sequel we will be able to follow his further development. Since 2018, there is supposed to be a screenplay that takes up the original stories of Rudyard Kipling, but also has inspirations from the jungle book script by Bill Peet. This had planned for the cartoon of 1967 a somewhat grim story, but this was rejected by Disney.
    In Bill Peet's screenplay, the character of the monkey King Louie plays a much more important role. So this one is much meaner than it is known from the animated cartoons. Among other things, the treasure under the fortress of King Louie is the target of the human hunter Buldeo, who wants to reach the treasure with the help of Mogli. Already in the first part of The Jungle Book, this kind of story hinted.
    In any case, the stories of Peet give us the opportunity to see even more popular figures such as the snake Kaa, the elephants and even the monkey King Louie. Already in part 1, director Jon Favreau had shown with the rhinos Rocky, that he likes to return long unseen characters. But no matter what the sequel is going to be, the theatrical release of The Jungle Book 2 is not expected until 2021 at the earliest.

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