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      For ten single farmers from all over Germany, the big barn festival of "Bauer sucht Frau" is about everything: 28 women invited them to get to know each other. The single farmers were never so hotly contested. Who gets to know his dream wife? For whom is love at first sight? And who takes two women to his farm? Inka Bause opens the 15th season of the successful TV romance.
    Horse farm owner Burkhard (45) from Ostfriesland has received numerous letters from interested women. "The last time I got a love letter was a long time ago. That so many women apply for me, I would not have thought, "he rejoices. "But actually a person would fall asleep!" From all applications he invited Ulrike (54, saleswoman from Bavaria), Sabine (41, Tierwirtin from the Upper Palatinate) and Tanja (45, medical transcriptionist from the Lüneburg Heath) to the barn festival ,
    Ackerbauer Christian (33) from Lower Saxony: "I would be really happy if I could find the right woman with whom I can grow old. There is certainly love at first sight, but that is pretty rare and then probably something very special. Perhaps Christopher is experiencing that on his own at the barn party? There, Inka Bause introduces him to his chosen wives Vanessa (36, saleswoman for marketing communication from Lower Saxony) and Christina (30, medical assistant from Swabia).
    Christopher (31) from Lower Saxony: "I've been alone for more than ten years. I do not know myself why I have not found the right one yet. I've always tried hard, but it did not work out. "At the barn party he has to decide between Gina (20, trainee in the elderly care from Hesse) and Jennifer (32, housewife from North Rhine-Westphalia).
    Alpaca breeder Henry (49) from Lower Saxony: "Of course it's stupid to be single. I think man can not be alone. I miss most of the security and I do not want to sit alone in front of the TV. "While looking through his letters, he even recognizes one of the sender:" I know the Sabine. I'm friends with her on Facebook. She has llamas and I have alpacas and that's such a llama alpaca side. I almost fell over in the back over all the great letters. That was a real lucky moment! "At the end he chooses Simone (51, dental assistant / pharmaceutical consultant from Upper Franconia), Sabine (47, bank employee from Vienna), Malgorzata (32, accountant from Hesse) and Nicole (43, hairdresser from Upper Bavaria) to get to know each other out.
    Jürgen (63) from Thuringia: "In July 2016, my wife sadly passed away and so I'm now single for more than three years. I do not want to be alone anymore and I'm open for a new love, "says Jürgen. With Inka Bause it goes from the cow pasture with the tractor home. There, the letters are searched by interested women together. "I'm really pleasantly surprised. Great photos and sympathetic women. "In the end Jürgen Maggie (53, saleswoman from the Lower Rhine), Kerstin (54, cook and office clerk from Rheinhessen) and Corinne (52, from Belgium) want to get to know each other.
    Ackerbauer Kai (41) from Hessen: "In a relationship, I can be a cuddly bear and I also have a romantic streak, which I currently unfortunately not use because I miss the right person for it." Kai has deliberately only for a woman decided and invited Philine (35, HR representative from Hesse) to the barn party.
    Michael (30) from Bayer: "I have my animals, I have my daughter but my female counterpart, I still miss that. She should be pretty, attractive, slim and intelligent. "Michael got most of the letters this season. Together with Inka Bause and father Werner, the letters are looked through. In the end Michaels choice falls on Conny (27, Fahrzeuglackiererin from the Allgäu), Britta (29, controller from the Rhineland), Nadine (28, florist and educator from the victims Palatinate), Carina (30, works in marketing of a media company from Voralberg / Austria), Jane (32, businesswoman for insurance and finances from Lower Saxony) and Sonja (29, educator from Swabia).
    Sucker cowherd Sven (54) from Brandenburg: "I've been alone for six and a half years and now it's time to look for a woman again. I just do not want to be alone anymore. It would be nice if there is someone with whom I can share my life and go through thick and thin. At the barn festival, I hope to get to know the woman for life. "After reading all of his letters, Sven Anke (52, court clerk from Thuringia), Katrin (33, a saleswoman from Brandenburg) and Alina (56, a cook from Lower Franconia) decide. know.
    Thomas H. (27) from the Bergisches Land: "I hope my dream wife is with the letters, in order to be able to found a family in the near future and also to get a farm successor." From his letters has the 2.11 meters -Mann Carina (24, lawyer and notary specialist employees from Schleswig-Holstein), Michelle (27, order picker from North Rhine-Westphalia) and Lena (22, nanny from Upper Franconia) selected and invited to the barn festival.
    Thomas W. (48) from Lower Saxony: "I just wish a partner who is there for me and for whom I can be there. Being alone is not so nice in the long run! I sincerely hope that this will change now and that I am going to reach the goal of my dreams with 'Farmer Wants a Wife', "says Thomas W. Inka Bause brings him a pile full of letters from interested women. "So many? I only counted on three! That's great and I'm really honored that many women are interested in my person. I sincerely hope that Mrs. Right will be there! "Gets to know Bianca (44, school teacher from Thuringia and Katrin (38, a trained office clerk from Middle Franconia) at the barn festival.
    How will things continue after the barn festival? Do you have a great feeling when you live together in the countryside or are the butterflies in your stomach? Scroll to our picture gallery and take a look at the new farmers and their wives.

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