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    Movie Tips:
    The boat: The war correspondent Werner goes in 1941 aboard U-96, which has the mission to sink English transport ships. Werner is to report to the home front about the exploits of the captain and his crew.
    The Last Submarine: The German submarine U234 sets course for Tokyo under the command of Commander Gerber. The boat will bring secret plans, new weapons systems and especially uranium oxide, which the Japanese urgently need for the construction of the atomic bomb, to Japan.

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    The story of The Wolf's Call Trailer: Chanteraide works as a sonar acoustician with the French Navy. With his almost perfect ear, he can identify every little sound under water. However, when he makes a momentous mistake during a submarine mission, he is suspended from duty. When, shortly thereafter, the political situation in Europe is dramatically worsening and the world is on the brink of nuclear escalation, chanterideurs and their special abilities are in demand again. The pressure that weighs on it is downright inhuman, because any wrong decision could trigger the third world war … Actor: François Civil, Omar Sy, Reda Kateb, Mathieu Kassovitz, Paula Beer, Stefan Godin
    Director: Antonin Baudry
    Production: Jérôme Seydoux, Alain Attal, Alain Attal, Hugo Sélignac
    Screenplay: Antonin Baudry
    Background: Antonin Baudry made his directorial debut until the thrilling showdown in the depths of the ocean a sophisticated submarine thriller in the style of Hunter Killer and Hunting on Red October succeeded, high-caliber with François Civil ("The wine and the wind") , Omar Sy ("Pretty Best Friends"), Mathieu Kassovitz ("Valerian – The City of the Thousand Planets") and Paula Beer ("Work without an Author").
    Film music: Nicolas Cantin, Raphael Mouterde, Thomas Desjonquères, Randy Tom, tomandandy
    Cast: François CivilChanteraideOmar SyD'OrsiReda KatebGrandchampMathieu KassovitzAlfostPaula BeerDianaStefan GodinCapitaine de vaisseau

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