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    The story behind Happy Ending Trailer: Helle has been waiting eagerly for an eternity for her husband – a veritable workaholic – to finally retire to enjoy the fall of life together. She would like to travel with him and discover the world, but when her husband comes home from his last day at work, he has a big surprise for her: he pursues a new career as a wine importer and has her entire savings in an exclusive Austrian winery invested. The two separate, each on a breathtaking Enteckungsreise on which he (or she) new opportunities, problems and dreams await. – But do you succeed after 50 years of marriage, the new beginning? After all, can one live without each other? Actors: Charlotte Sieling, Kurt Ravn, Birthe Neumann, Diem Camille Gbogou, Marianne Høgsbro, Tammi Øst, Claus Flygare, Emilie Koppel, Mette Munk Plum, Benjamin Kitter, Rikke Bilde, Kurt Dreyer Kenneth M. Christensen, Kenneth M. Christensen, Emily Budde Frederiksen, Søren Bastrup Bojsen, Søren Salin, Sabrine Feldt Pedersen, Mads Kruse, Sandra Friis
    Director: Hella Joof
    Screenplay: Mette Heeno
    Background: HAPPY ENDING is an amusing, cheeky story about the courage to make a fresh start – even when everything seems to be over. In the main roles plays a renowned Danish cast, u.a. Birthe Neumann (SMALL TOWN KILLERS), Kurt Ravn ("Commissioner Lund", OH HAPPY DAY, "Matador") and Charlotte Sieling ("Deroute", "Unit 1", LOVE) ME, LOVE ME NOT).
    Cast: Charlotte SielingTrineKurt RavnPeterBirthe NeumannHelleMarianne HøgsbroLindaTammi ØstAliceEmilie KoppelIdaMette Munk PlumBirgitteBenjamin KitterCarstenRikke BildeNannaKurt DreyerJess

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