KKiste.to – watch free series and movies online: Is this legal?


     Many people are still convinced that the free streaming of movies and series on sites like KKiste.to is legal. Or is not there but rather the desire father of the thought? Because at the latest since the judgment of the European Court of Justice last year, the last should also have become clear that this could result in a warning. What background this has and how the court establishes its verdict, you will learn in the following.
    Being able to watch films and TV series from the comfort of their own home is now preferred by many to the expensive and stressful visit to the cinema. Unfortunately, the supply on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Maxdome is often very limited. What should one do on a movie night, if the personal film is not available? For most of the answer to this question has been clear: You just look at sites like KKiste.to, Cine.to or View4u.Co, because there almost all movies and series are offered as streams. However, what then falls under the table, is the fact that such portals are invariably illegal. This is now confirmed by the European Union Court (ECJ) in a ruling of 26 April 2017.
    The CJEU ruling states that before watching an internet stream every user is obliged to check carefully whether the offered video originates from an illegal template. While streaming does not create an illegal copy of the video, which incidentally was previously cited as the most common argument for the legal use of sites like KKiste.to, video is cached in the cache of your device. And since the ECJ ruling this caching is sufficient to speak of an illegal copy in accordance with copyright law. In order to avoid high fines in the future, you should therefore better access the legal alternatives of KKiste.to for your video enjoyment.

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