Star Trek Discovery: First Trailer for Season 3 – Burnham Saves the Federation


     All Star Trek fans are looking forward to Star Trek: Picard. The series around Jean Luc Picard starts in early 2020 and was able to maintain the fan favorite and star with Patrick Steward. But Star Trek Discovery will enter the third round next year. A new teaser revealed recent new details.
    At the end of the second season of Star Trek Discovery, the crew of the USS Discovery traveled 930 years into the future with the help of the Red Angel suit to avoid the threat of an AI. The Starfleet AI, Control, got out of control and wanted to eliminate all life in the universe. This could only be prevented by the crew of commander Micheal Burnham traveling to the future to destroy the AI ​​far away from any technology. The demise of the universe has been fended off, but separated from the rest of Starfleet, the crew of the USS Discovery must now live in the future.
    Starfleet's fleet still seems to exist 930 years in the future, as a first trailer of the third season now shows. However, she has lost her old glory and it is up to Commander Micheal Burnham and her team to rescue Starfleet and bring it to its old size. But the peoples of the future are not all peace-minded. The teaser trailer for the third season was shown at the Comic Con New York. All crewmembers, who traveled through time at the end of Staffell 2, can be seen again. Fans can look forward to all the other crew members except number one, Captain Pike, Spock and Tyler.
    When the third season of Star Trek Discovery appears on Netflix is ​​still unclear. First, the other Star Trek series, Star Trek: Picard will be released. This is to happen in January 2020. When Star Trek Discovery comes in 2020 remains to be seen.

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