Stranger Things: Season 4 – Destiny Unveiled by Hopper?


     A fourth season of the Netflix series Stranger Things has recently been confirmed. But fans are still not finished with the processing of the third season. A fan favorite left his life there. But does he really stay dead?
    Stranger Things is about a group of teenagers who live in a quiet little town called Hawkins. One day a boy disappears from the group and the other one goes in search of him together with the police chief of the city and the relatives of the boy. They are drawn into a conspiracy and encounter beings from another dimension, the Demogorgons. In addition to the American scientists, who make life difficult for the teenagers in the first two seasons, in the third season also Russian researchers are added, who are secretly active in Hawkins.
    Anyone who has seen the third season of Stranger Things knows that in the end, an important character dies. Police chief and fan favorite Hopper sacrificed himself so that the others could escape. The credits speak of a captive American. Hopper-actor David Habour himself does not know if that meant Hopper. In a talk show, he now commented on the subject and stated that he had asked the Duffer brothers themselves. The two could unfortunately give him no information, although they already know the fate of Hopper. The inaccurate answer of the makers was that they are still trying to find out if Hopper is alive.
    Until Stranger Things Season 4 is released, fans will probably have to be patient. Filming is scheduled to start in 2020, so the sequel is unlikely to be released before the end of 2020. Hopefully two years will not pass again, as between the second and third season.

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