Tom Holland shaves his head – and the Internet snaps


     For Spider-Man Tom Holland, it's probably just a job, but many of his fans can not handle it. The sympathetic curly-haired head no longer has any curls. He has shaved his head ratzekahl for a new role. You do not have to imagine that, you can even see that because the internet is full of it.

    – (@mcuharrier) 7th October 2019

    Tom Holland himself has posted a video of himself with the new look. However, he does not comment on his new hairstyle with a single word. He just sends greetings into the world and the rest of his head done by itself.
    His fans are stunned, as the curly hair was Tom Holland's trademark. The reactions are funny but also a bit mean.

    Best like the comparison of Tom Holland and Eminem – without his hair fullness the Spidy actor actually looks a bit like the little brother of rapper Eminem. But really.

    Still the question remains: Has Holland shaved off the hair for another role, or is this the new look for Spider-Man 3? After all, he was out in the last part out and everyone now knows how the hero looks without a mask. Maybe he has to be a little undercover for the MCU and a radical change would be exactly the right step.

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