Vikings: Trailer and start date for the final season 6


     The fact that Vikings will end after the sixth season is no longer news. Many fans are already mourning the end of their favorite series, while Vikings has another 20 episodes to offer. Now we finally know when the final season starts and also a first trailer now makes you want more.
    Vikings is a historical series with fictional elements that deals with the legendary Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons. The various squadrons show battles for Kattegat, the home of the Vikings and Ragnar. But also invasions in England and France of the Vikings can be seen. The fifth season of Vikings ended with the sons of Ragnar facing each other in a battle over Kattegat. Ragnar's first-born Bjorn Eisenseiten won the battle and is now the ruler of Kattegat. His brother Ivar the Terrible is on the run east.
    Although the Battle of Kattegat is beaten at the beginning of Season Six, the difficulties do not end there. Bjorn gets new problems with old enemies and even his allies do not make it easy for him. Ivar, who fled across the Silk Road to Russia, also finds a new ally and wants to take revenge on Bjorn. Meanwhile, the other Vikings pursue their own goals. Hvitserk wants revenge on Ivar, Ubbe and Torvi are looking for Floki and Lagertha wants to retire and lead a peaceful life. But that does not work as planned. Series creator Micheal Hirst promised fans in advance that the final season will include some of the most daring, emotional and intense episodes in the entire series.
    So fans can look forward to the finale. Recently it is finally known when the sixth season will start. On December 4, Vikings continues. The first ten episodes of the 20-part season will be released. The second half will follow in 2020. Broadcasting in Germany will most likely be timely on Amazon Prime Video. Also a first trailer was released, announcing a grandiose and very worthy final season.

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