Fast And Furious 9: Does Jason Statham Still Playing?


     There has long been a big issue of contention among fast and furious fans. With #JusticeForHan they demand justice for Han Lue, who was dishonorably killed in Tokyo Drift. Blame was Deckhard Shaw, who is embodied by Jason Staham. A new video on Instagram could now fulfill the fan request in Fast And Furious 9. Could Han appear in the film and Deckhard Shaw receive his just punishment?
    The murder of Han Lue (Sung Kang) was a real shock for fast and furious fans. After all, he had become a real fan favorite and an integral part of the family. But after the introduction of Deckhard Shaw (Jason Staham), that was over. First, it was said that Han was killed in an apparent accident in Tokyo Drift. But at the end of Fast And Furious 6 we learn that he was deliberately killed. Deckard Shaw took revenge on his brother Owen. Although Han appeared four times in flashbacks after Tokyo Drift, Shaw was never punished for his murder.

    With the murder of Han, he became a villain for many fans. In the film series, but he just started by. Together with Dwayne Johnson he even got his own offshoot with Hobbs & Shaw. The fans of the series just did not want to sit on it.
    With a new video on Instagram, the fan movement has now even more fueled. Vin Diesel films alongside actress Michelle Rodriguez and director Justin Lin. The filmmaker of Fast And Furious 9 wears a striking jacket with the slogan JusticeForHan. Does Lin have a bad conscience? After all, he was also responsible for the scene in Tokyo Drift, in which Han blessed by an explosion of time.
    So far it is unlikely that we will see Jason Statham in Fast And Furious 9 again. Whether Han really gets a performance is also questionable. His actor Sung Kang is still not on the cast list. Director Justin Lin may have to look for another way to finally settle Hans's assassination.
    Screenwriter Chris Morgan is sure Han will be honored in some way. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed, "Justice for Han is still due and will come!". Whether the fan movement really could do something, we will hear no later than May 21, 2020. Then Fast And Furious 9 finally comes to German cinemas.

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