Good Movies: The Best Halloween Horror Movies


     We've compiled the best shocker movies for you Pumpkinfest here! This makes the movie night on Halloween a scary-eerie experience for you. Any ringing on the door could, however, become a sheer horror. You can see the trailers for the films if you click on the respective movie poster. Happy Halloween!


    Some of the best horror writers have teamed up to whip you on Halloween for a new horror clown, the devil, a witch, and a gruesome ghoul. The trailer for Halloween Haunt.


    Trailer for the movie Halloween. When ten-year-old Michael Myers kills for the first time on Halloween night, residents of Haddonfield, Illinois, are stunned. It is only too easy to forget this terrible incident. Halloween.


    With the best intentions for a peaceful men's weekend, Tucker McGee and Dale Dobson make their way to their cabin in the wilds of West Virginia. Then everything gets out of control. Tucker And Dale vs Evil.


    Trailer for the movie Paranormal Activity. At the beginning it still looks like the big luck: a young couple moves into a new house. Everything is fine, the young people are satisfied. But over time, doubts creep in, because: the two are not alone. Paranormal Activity.


    For 12 hours, all crimes are legal. A family just wants to help but gets caught between the fronts in the night without laws. Trailer to the horror strip The Purge – The purge.





    The third German trailer for the remake of Stephen King's horror thriller ES makes you fall asleep today! Bill Skarsgard as a horror clown Pennywise on a children's hunt in ES 2017.


    Trailer for the movie Sweeney Todd. Johnny Depp plays the lead role in Tim Burton's adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's award-winning musical thriller, Sweeney Todd. Sweeney Todd.


    Two men wake up in a barren basement cell out of their powerlessness, chains tied to opposite walls. Beginning of the successful horror film series. SAW 1.


    Just like the French original, this US remake is not for the faint-hearted! The producer of The Conjuring brings us the most blatant FSK18 horror movie of the year. German trailer for Martyrs.


    The legendary murderer from the dream world is back! Here is the trailer for the horror strip with cult figure Freddy Krueger: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010.


    The sweet Jennifer Lawrence not in a panic in need, but in the neighboring house. But apart from her as the lead actress, it looks pretty much like commodity off the shelf. House At The End Of The Street.


    A relaxed getaway turns into a horror trip! Disease horror in the German trailer for the new edition of Cabin Fever 2016.


    Three backpackers start with much enthusiasm and a semi-roadworthy Ford station wagon on the holiday of a lifetime. But they did not expect Mike to make their lives hell! Trailer for the horror classic Wolf Creek.


    Five friends are vacationing together in a hut in the forest. Random and yet the worst of all possible options. The Cabin In The Woods.


    Demons pursue a young couple and want their child! From the director of SAW and Conjuring comes the horror shocker Insidious.


    Trailer for the movie REC. TV reporter Angela and her cameraman accompany a fire crew at night. Everything is quiet until the emergency call comes in from an old lady. When they arrive, they hear terrible screams. REC.


    The cannibals in the desert need women of childbearing age to preserve their species. Ignorant female servicemen are said to be serving for an exercise in the region. Trailer for the horror sequel The Hills Have Eyes 2.


    Remake of the 1981 cult shocker. Five friends have a bit of boredom in a lonely hut. There they find a book and browse around a bit. Involuntarily they summon a few demons from the surrounding forests. They drive into the bodies of young people and start an unappetizing slaughter. Evil Dead.


    Every year in winter, Alaskan is 30 days nonstop dark. In this time, scary things happen in the area that you can hardly imagine. 30 days of night.


    In England, a plague rages and gathers the whole population within 28 weeks. What's next? The end-time thriller shows you mercilessly. 28 Weeks Later.


    The love of a mother goes beyond death. And here in the most horrible form. Without splatter but with a lot of horror, a really successful trailer that drives you goose bumps gaaaanz slowly over the body. Mummy.


    Trailer for the movie Cloverfield. It should be a party night in NYC, but suddenly something happens that everyone thinks is an earthquake. But it is not, but something much worse. Cloverfield.


    Three guys go by the body of a woman. When she opens her eyes, the shock comes! Now on sale: The corpse of Anna Fritz.


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