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    Feedback Trailer Story: The controversial late-night talker Jarvis Dolan ("Atomic Blonde" star Eddie Marsan) is experiencing the most terrible night of his life as masked people storm his radio studio. Delivered to the intruders, he must complete his live broadcast as directed. The situation becomes even more complicated when his old companion Andrew Wilde (Paul Anderson, "The Revenant") unknowingly bursts into the studio. Any wrong word can be fatal to those involved. It unfolds a nerve-racking cat and mouse game in which everyone struggles with their own dark past. Actors: Eddie Marsan, Paul Anderson, Ivana Baquero, Richard Brake, Alexis Rodney, Oliver Coopersmith, Nacho Aldeguer, Alana Boden, Anthony Stewart Head
    Director: Pedro C. Alonso
    Screenplay: Alberto Marini
    Background: Director Pedro C. Alonso masterfully puts the tension screw to the extreme. With "Feedback" he has created a multi-layered psychological thriller in a confined space, which resonates for a long time. An unscrupulous look into the depths of the human soul, from the creators of "Unknown Identity" and "[Rec]".
    Film Music: Sergio Moure
    Official Websites: – Movie Website
    Cast: Eddie MarsanJarvis DolanPaul AndersonAndrew WildeIvana BaqueroClaireRichard BrakeHunterAlexis RodneyAnthonyOliver CoopersmithWreckerNacho AldeguerSamuelAlana BodenJuliaAnthony Stewart HeadNorman Burgess

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