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    From these films you know the main actors:
    Alita: Battle Angel: On the Earth, in the 26th century, 300 years after the Great War, social systems collapsed.
    Friends Stanley Uris, Richie Tozier, Mike Hanlon, Bill Denbrough Beverly Marsh, Eddie Kaspbrak and Ben Hanscom live in a city called Derry, where people are disappearing, both adults and minors. Finally, the children, who call themselves the "club of losers," learn of an interdimensional creature that hunts down on humans and can turn into the worst nightmares of their victims.
    A-X-L: Teenager Miles does not have much time to talk to his classmates. He dedicates his free time to his motocross bike.

    The story about Low Tide Trailer: Alan, Red, Smitty and Peter are in the middle of summer in the beautiful coastal area around Jersey Shore. However, as Alan, Peter and Smitty travel one evening by boat to a neighboring peninsula, Alan and Peter discover a mysterious treasure of old gold coins. You will find this in an abandoned hut. They get a problem with the police, who are hot on their heels. However, they do not tell their detective Kent or Smitty and the unpredictable Red. He has a rather big problem, which is not clear at first. But if he were to learn that the others were lying to him, it could mean his death.Actors: Jaeden Martell, Shea Whigham, Keean Johnson, James Paxton, Kristine Froseth, Alex Neustaedter, Camila Perez, Daniel Zolghadri
    Director: Kevin McMullin
    Screenplay: Kevin McMullin
    Roles: Jaeden MartellPeterShea WhighamKentKeean JohnsonAlanKristine FrosethMaryAlex NeustaedterRedCamila PerezSophiaDaniel ZolghadriSmitty

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