Navy CIS: A star of the first hour gets out


     NCIS: New Orleans was just one of the successful spin-offs in the cult series Navy CIS. Now the offshoot has taken a radical step that could shock fans. A star of the first hour was deposed in the latest episode of Season 6. The makers could hardly have finally made it clear that they were leaving. Here you can find out which actor the team has to leave in the future.

    Painful farewells are not really something new for NCIS fans. After all, they had to cope with several of them in the course of the series. Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette were long-time members before they had to leave the cast. But not only in the main series on the Krimiermittler often changed the cast. Viewers of the spin-off Navy CIS: New Orleans have now been shocked by a particularly surprising farewell.
    Since November 5, 2019, it is officially confirmed: Lucas Black will not be part of the series in the future. He made his final appearance in Matthew 5: 9, the sixth episode of Season 6 From the beginning, Black belonged to the regular cast of the series and played in all 125 episodes so far. He was even featured in an episode of the main series, which featured the offshoot's team. A Navy CIS star of the first hour rises with it and the question remains, what could be the reason.

    In fact, the decision seems to have come from Black himself. By his own admission, he generally wants less to do with acting. Instead, he turns more to his own family. Thus, his character Agent Lasalle will leave the series in the future. The series makers now condemned the character to serial death.
    Attention, Spoiler: In an attempt to avenge his brother's murder, Agent Lasalle is shot during his investigation. Pride tries in vain to save him, but eventually the investigator dies in the hospital. In Germany, Agent Lasalle will remain for the time being. We expect the German broadcast of the sixth season and thus also Lucas Black's farewell until autumn 2020.

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