Watchmen: Finally a German trailer for the new series


     With a new German trailer Warner Bros. shows us an insight into the HBO series Watchmen. We did not speak much, but the short video still has some info. So we learn that even curious people without Sky subscription can see the TV highlight Рquite legal and comfortable per stream. We tell you how to do it and present the first German trailer for the new Watchmen series.
    The new Watchmen series is based on the eponymous comics about the popular anti-superheroes. Mystery pro Damon Lindelof wants to further spread the success of the cult hit. The serial sequel starts more than 30 years after the end of the original. American society is hit again and again by terrorist attacks. The culprit is the racist group Seventh Cavalry. In the so-called White Night, she has brutally murdered many policemen and their families.
    Therefore the police can only do their work masked. They try to fight as anonymously as possible against the crime of the terrorist group. In fact, the Seventh Cavalry must first retreat underground. But soon she comes back and threatens to split the population for good. The law enforcer Regina King has to break through the chaos and prevent an escalation at any cost.
    As usual with other HBO projects, the German premiere of Watchmen takes place on Sky. The nine episodes of the first season are always unlocked on Monday. But if you can not or do not want to watch the show on the pay-TV channel, you're in luck now. The day after the Sky release, the episodes also land on other streaming providers like Amazon. A series costs 2.99 euros there, for the entire season you pay just under 20 euros. If you have become curious, then check out the new German trailer for Watchmen. You will find this in our video player under this text.

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