Mortal Kombat: as bloody in the cinema as in the video games


     Mortal Kombat appeared in 1992 as an arcade game and was then already very successful. The series is still on everyone's lips today, not only thanks to the recently released video game Mortal Kombat 11, but also due to the feature film adaptation that is due to start in the future.
    It has just been reported that the first fighter for the Mortal Kombat film is certain. The Ninja Sub-Zero, who freezes his opponent to death, is not only present since the first game of 1992, but will also play a major role in the film. Sub-Zero is embodied by Joe Taslim.
    Allegedly, the role of the Kanos should already be forgiven. Joel Edgerton is reportedly playing the criminal boss. Kano has also been part of the Mortal Kombat franchise since 1992. The leader of the Black Dragon Syndicate is not only known for his brutality, but also for his humor.
    Now there is news about the Mortal Kombat movie again. Scriptwriter Greg Russo now announced via Twitter that Mortal Kombat will get an R rating and for the first time the famous fatalities will also be on screen. The so-called fatalities are finishing moves that brutally injure or kill the opponent in order to win the fight.
    This news is likely to delight many Mortal Kombat fans, since the game is released since the first part from 18 years and the movie is thus oriented closer to the games than previous films.
    The director is Newcomer Simon McQuoid. Among other things, the film is produced by Hollywood veteran James Wan, who has already directed films such as Saw, Fast And Furious 7 or Aquaman. Mortal Kombat does not yet have an official start date.

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