Tomb Raider 2 theatrical release with Alicia Vikander


     2018 appeared with Tomb Raider the already third film adaptation of the known video games. Instead of Angelina Jolie, this time Alicia Vikander starred. Although the reboot was not completely convincing for fans and critics alike, a sequel has now been confirmed.
    The reboot of 2018 is about the young Lara Croft, who works as a bicycle courier and refuses to take over her father's successful company, Richard Croft. This has been missing for seven years and has left a billionaire company. When Lara Croft finally decides to enter the estate, she finds a secret room and hints that her father may have traveled to the tomb of Japanese queen Himiko. Despite warnings, she sets out to find her father.
    Now it has been officially confirmed that a sequel with Oscar winner Alicia Vikander will be released. Even who stages the film and when it will come to the cinemas is already known. After the first film was directed by Roar Uthaug, this time another director is responsible for Tomb Raider. Ben Wheatley will risk the project. His wife Amy Jump will write the script for the sequel. The couple will now bring the fourth Tomb Raider movie to the cinemas. 2018 Tomb Raider was able to earn $ 275 million in box office revenues of $ 94 million. The sum was obviously enough for a sequel, but is by no means a huge success. So it remains to be seen whether a change of direction does the franchise good.
    Also a release date has already been announced. So Tomb Raider 2 on 19 March 2021 in the United States start. A German launch date is not yet known, but this should be timely at the US start.

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