Elite: That's why this Netflix series is absolutely worth seeing


     The series Élite, which can be seen exclusively on Netflix, has been hyped for some time. Despite the high expectations of the series, this has impressed the audience lasting and is not behind the hype. Above all, people who have liked series like Gossip Girl or Haus der Geld, should Élite promise. The trailer for the Netflix series we show you under this text.
    However, one should not get used to the highly detailed characters – for the time being there will be only eight episodes. If the show finds the response it definitely deserves, then more seasons will follow in the future. At least the fans, who have already fallen in love with the show, hope so. No wonder, because the series combines exciting components with a pinch of trash and a little drama.
    The Spanish own production is aimed primarily at those who like dramatic constellations around the everyday life of teenagers. If you are a lover of the typical college movies, then you will come here fully at your expense. On Netflix you could watch Élite in English, German or Spanish. Since the series brings a lot of depth at second glance, it will surely tie you to the TV or laptop for a few hours. The series is built around flashbacks, which makes them something very special. The viewer knows that the story ends in a murder – but not more.
    Elite is about three middle-class teens. All three received a scholarship from a distinguished private school. Normally only the children of a particularly famous and well-to-do family visit the facility – accordingly, the main characters feel like foreign bodies in the unfamiliar environment. In such a constellation dramas are naturally inevitable. The fact that they end up in a murder makes the program even more exciting. At this point, we would not like to reveal more to you in order to avoid spoiling.

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