Netflix: How to Find Hidden Movies and Series


     There's an incredible amount of series and movies on Netflix you'll never see. And just because the Netflix algorithm takes on your viewing habits, you would not care. If you want to break out of the prison of the Netflix algorithm to discover all the movies and series that Netflix keeps secret from you, you just have to act as described here.
    The Netflix algorithm is not bad at all: The Netflix program is just so gigantic, that the streaming provider wants to show you only the movies and series that might interest you the most. In this way, you should be spared the content that would stand you in the nightly "what should I look" search only in the way.
    But sometimes you just want to break out of the habit and go on Netflix exploration. For example, if you never watch children's movies, visiting the little nephew might make it hard to find the right program – unless it's like this:
    First, log into your Netflix account in the web browser and then enter the following address: But instead of "CODE" you type in the end "10056", so the URL looks like this: If you go to this address now, you'll see the hidden Netflix "Movies for Children's Books" category.
    Or you type in the code "67673" to show you all of Disney's movies. If the nephew is more anime, try the "7424", where anime awaits you for all ages (including less suitable for children). If he should learn something while looking, try the secret category "10659", the "education for children" holds such. The program with the mouse.
    Of course, there are many other categories that have nothing to do with the children's program. If you are in the mood for a movie with Samuel L. Jackson, use the code "4813". Are you in the mood for Asian action movies? Type in "77232". Should it rather be a sophisticated art house movie, just use the "29764".
    The complete list should contain a total of incredible 76,000 codes – ie Netflix categories. You can find it for example at this address: While we did not recount if it really is 76,000, in particular the "Extended List" linked on the page above is so extremely long that you should probably find it in any conceivable category anyway.
    If you do not feel like watching the Netflix movies and series in the web browser, just look for what you would like to see, as described above, and then add the movie or series to your personal Netflix list, which will pop you up all platforms is available.

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