Resident Evil Reboot: First Information about the new films


    From Saw to Conjuring to Resident Evil: James Wan is to ensure that the Resident Evil Reboot will bring the hoped-for success without Milla Jovovich. Now that new information about the Resident Evil Reboot has been released and what it looks like, the Resident Evil Reboot in movie form will take a similar direction as the critically acclaimed Resident Evil Reboot in video game form.
    The Resident Evil video games once defined a whole genre, but later parts were increasingly criticized. Above all, the significant increase in action shares and the simultaneous decrease in horror shares did not go down well with the Resident Evil fans. Then, in January 2017, a kind of Resident Evil Reboot appeared, reintroducing the Resident Evil franchise: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.
    The special thing about it: In the Resident Evil Reboot horror was capitalized and that is exactly what should happen with the Resident Evil Reboot from Hollywood (theatrical release still unknown). Ever since it was announced that James Wan would be involved in it, it was rumored that the Resident Evil Reboot would put more on horror and less on action than in the Resident Evil films with Milla Jovovich. New information confirm that now.
    In an interview with DiscussingFilm Greg Russo revealed that he had already completed the script for Resident Evil Reboot. Particularly interesting was the following statement of the author: "For me it was completely clear that I wanted to go back and make [Resident Evil] again scary – like a horror movie in the classic James Wan style. That was the pitch to go back and find out what exactly made the games scary. So yes, Resident Evil 7 was an influence on my design. "
    Russo is said to have worked for a year on Resident Evil Reboot, according to his own words, until James Wan came on board. This means that not only Wans involvement triggered the new horror orientation of the next, still untitled Resident Evil movie and thus want behind Russo and Wan even more involved in the production people exactly this direction. So if you've always wanted to see a spooky Resident Evil movie, you may already be looking forward to the Resident Evil Reboot.

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