7500: Trailer for the abduction thriller with Joseph Gordon-Levitt


     The number combination 7500 is in international aviation the emergency code for an aircraft hijacking. A flight from Berlin to Paris. Everyday work in the cockpit of an Airbus A319. Copilot Tobias Ellis (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) routinely prepares for the departure of the aircraft. The start is as smooth as ever. But then you hear screaming in the cabin.
    A group of young men, among them the eighteen-year-old Vedat (Omid Memar), tries to enter the cockpit. It begins a battle between the crew and attackers, a break between the desire to save individual lives and avert even greater harm. The cockpit door becomes a combat area and Tobias is put in the position to decide about life and death …
    Patrick Vollrath, who won numerous international awards for his short film "Alles gut gut" and received an Oscar® nomination, also co-wrote the screenplay for his feature film debut 7500 in collaboration with Senad Halilbasic. Hollywood star Joseph Gordon- Levitt (SNOWDEN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, 500 DAYS OF SUMMER). At his side play Aylin Tezel (ALMANYA – WELCOME TO GERMANY, THE HEAVEN OF THE DAY, "Tatort") and newcomer Omid Memar (THE FALL COLLINI, FIVE FRIENDS 4, "Crime Scene", "M – A City Seeks a Murderer").
    The film is a production of augenschein film production (Jonas Katzenstein and Maximilian Leo) in coproduction with Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion (Franz Novotny and Alexander Glehr), SWR, BR and ARTE. The film was funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, DFFF, BKM, FFA Film Fund, MFG, FFHSH, ÖFI, Filmfonds Wien and FISA. The abduction thriller 7500 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt runs from 26 December 2019 in German cinemas.

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