Criminal Minds Season 15: Start Date of Last Episodes


     For more than 14 years, the crime series Criminal Minds flickers across the screens. But this is supposed to be over for next year. Season 15 is supposed to be the grand finale of the evergreen. With the announcement of the US launch, can already close on the German launch on Sat. Here you can read more about Criminal Minds Season 15 and the start date of the last episodes.

    Three years ago, Criminal Minds made a lot of headlines. Leading actor Thomas Hotch Gibson had to leave his role permanently. Reason for this were apparently disputes during the shooting. Despite all the bickering, the series remained for the time being. The US broadcaster CBS held for several years hopeful of the success format. But this should finally be over, as recently became known.
    With Season 15, the thriller series heralded an official farewell. This begins on January 8, 2020 on American television. The new season will be significantly shorter with only ten episodes. The 324th and at the same time last episode of the series will then start on March 11th. In this country fans will have to wait a little longer.
    So far, between the US premiere and the German start about three to three and a half months. This gap is also expected for Season 15, so we expect replenishment in Germany from April 2020 onwards. The final final would then follow about two months later. For many of the previous seasons, Sat. 1 put in a break in the middle of the season.
    But since the 15th season is so manageable, you should radiate it without interruption. The same thing happened with Season 14, which was already shorter with its 15 episodes than the seasons before, all of which had more than 20 episodes each. For which tactics the transmitter decides, we will probably learn only in the coming year.

    Source: Deadline

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