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    The Story of Holy Spirit Trailer: Harry Sandmann (Michael Foerster), head of a Munich advertising agency, is looking for a brilliant idea for the market launch of a Bavarian whiskey brand. By chance, he meets Gustl Wanninger (Tom Schuster), the carpenter's son, in a rural carpenter's workshop. Its striking resemblance to a certain Jesus of Nazareth brings the enlightenment to Sandman: the whiskey should be called HOLY SPIRIT and Gustl is to embody the Savior as an advertising figure. In a short time, the young man rises as a whiskey drinking Jesus to the media star. But at the height of his success, he is involved in a bizarre murder series. Should Gustl really be a serial killer? HOLY SPIRIT is a snappy satire about the rise and fall of a media star and the decadent and calculating world that created it. What begins as a black humor comedy is evolving into a mystery thriller. Absurdities of everyday life, disturbing montages and a wickedly colorful murder series form the background for an exciting story with an astonishing end.Actor: Tom Schuster, Stefanie Mendoni, Michael Foerster, Matthias Kostya
    Director: Mike Baran

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