Power Rangers 2 – Information on the sequel in the cinema


     Already in 2017 appeared with Power Rangers a reboot of the same television series in the cinemas, and indeed on blockbuster level. But after the release, it was quickly quiet about the movie. What about a second part? We clarify you:
    The Power Rangers TV series has been on TV since 1993 and now has more than 750 episodes in 21 seasons. Power Rangers of 2017 was a new and promising attempt to get the colorful heroes on the big screen. The screenplay for the film by director Dean Israelite is by John Gatnis. Originally, several sequels were planned, so claimed Haim Saban, producer of the series and the movie that enough material for six Power Rangers films exist.
    So far, not even rumors about a second part have come to the public. That could be because Power Rangers could not earn a good box office. A budget of approximately $ 100 million is only offset by revenues of $ 143 million. In comparison, the action strip Fast And Furious 8, which launched just a month after Power Rangers, was able to bring its creators over 1.2 billion US dollars. But not all hope for the Power Rangers is lost yet. The toy manufacturer Hasbro acquired the rights to the Power Rangers in 2018. It is possible that Hasbro plans another reboot with the superheroes. Whether it will be a complete reissue or scheduled at the end of the Power Rangers movie remains to be seen.
    So it's not sure if fans will ever see a Power Rangers movie on the big screen again. It is not possible, however. If such a film appears, but there will be significant changes to its predecessor, because this disappointed significantly with its meager Einspielergebnis. We will keep you up to date.

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