Power of the Rod – The Wicked Christmas Punisher


     Evil creatures punish those who were not good. If you could come this year, you will find out here.
    The Trollfrau is, if you like, the Icelandic counterpart to Krampus. Instead of feet, the ugly, old lady runs on hooves, if she even moves. Because Grýla is considered extremely lazy. Most of the time, she only gets up to prepare a meal completely starved after an eternal sleep. This usually ignites a fire so big that the earth opens and the embers spit out. We call this event volcanic eruption. Oh yes: Grýla likes people very much – preferably cooked hot.
    Yule Lads
    The Yule Lads are the 13 children of Grýla and their mother in terms of wickedness in nothing. They ensure that in the pots of their breadwinner always plenty of naughty children are bubbling. The little trolls hear such sonorous names as pylons, who likes to suckle sheep's milk for his life. The Wurststibitzer is focussing on smoked sausages, while the window-staller looks at the Christmas-decorated houses of the people and wants to grab some glitzy things.
    This family is really the absolute nightmare: In addition to Mama Grýla and the nasty Yule Lads lives in Iceland's mountain household, the big and diabolical cat. And she really is not so fluffy. Its purpose: to eat people who do not wear new / unworn / new clothes on Christmas Eve. So fast to the next shop so that Jólakötturinn does not eat your hair from or the entire head!
    Père Fouettard
    Translated, this Christmas mean mean "father whip", which directly suggests his opinion of the Christian feast. Like the Krampus, the favorite companion of the whip-papa is a punishment instrument for the naughty among us. For the historical arrangement of Père Fouettard there are several versions. The figure is said to have experienced the figure allegedly in 1552 in the French city of Metz. Accordingly, the citizens heaved a flagellated doll of Emperor Charles V, who besieged Metz, through the city and then burned them.
    This Giftbringer is also called Felzmärtel or Felznickel. In High German you could call him "Prügelnikolaus", which brings a crux directly with it. Because he is a double-edged sword: First, he has healthy sweets for the brave children in his sack, for the naughty brats waving the rod. In the past, Belsnickel probably only had his beating stick with him and enjoyed the suffering of the bad guys. But then he had to take over more and more of the tasks of St. Nicholas and to his grave also distribute gifts. Really annoying!
    Mrs. Perchta
    Although this Slavic legend is compared with Frau Holle, her figure is much scarier and more abominable. Large horns, pointed teeth and shaggy fur, as well as a bird's beak in many stories characterize the terrifying look of the Perchta. In addition, she should have a crippled foot. Of course, it does not compete for the Krampus for a long time, but it comes very close to it!
    The undisputed reigning terrorist when it comes to punishing naughty children. Beware of Krampus! He has guaranteed no love in the luggage and will drive you crazy. The full form of the KRAMPUS reveals itself in the cinema from 3 December – look ahead and are only good, otherwise you will soon be punished!

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