Overloaded parcel services: Easy prey for thieves – How to protect yourself


     In the run-up to Christmas, parcel delivery customers reach their limits through an extraordinary number of online orders and private gift mail. Are deliveries still safe under such circumstances? Show thief Giovanni Alecci tries to intercept the deliverer in the stairwell and accept the package "for his friend". How easy is it to get more packages? Is the delivery vehicle completed when the courier brings his goods to the front door? Are the parcels only placed on the doormat in front of the door? The parcel service security check in "Beware Crime" on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 9:21 pm to 9:45 pm on SWR TV. The trailer we show you directly under this text.
    Deadly animal hatred – which drives dog exasperation and how one can protect oneself: With nails, screws, broken glass or even venom spiked sausage pieces or meatballs fly over the fence into the garden or lie in the park. There are attacks on the lives of dogs and cats. Dozens of cases have been reported to the police in the southwest this year. Stunned dog owners, for example in Attenhausen in the Taunus and in Albstadt in the south of Baden-Wurttemberg ask themselves: What kind of people are they doing such a cruel thing? What are your motives? "Beware of crime" seeks answers and gives tips on how to protect animals from such attacks.
    When Appearances Deceive – How Used Car Buyers Are Deceived: Tachographs Manipulated and Veiled Accidents – When Buying Used Cars Lurks Many Traps. An expert checks several used cars for manipulation. He gives tips on what laymen need to pay attention to and how they can protect themselves against fraud.
    Glaring grip on the jewelery showcase – Police are searching for surveillance images: At the age of 60, a master goldsmith from Andernach fulfills their dream of owning their own shop and invests his fortune in self-employment. Then he is tricked by a jewelry thief and loses a lot of money. He is not insured against the damage. The police search for the perpetrator with pictures of a surveillance camera and hope for the help of the spectators.
    Nightmarish vision – can you become a murderer in your sleep? Whoever sleeps does not sin, so the vernacular. Is that correct? Or is it possible to commit a crime while sleeping? Maybe even kill a human? Can a 12-year-old sleepwalker have stabbed her father without realizing it? These questions have long occupied the jury in Baden-Baden.
    A body check for everyday life hero – as an ice hockey pro chases a criminal: Markus Eberhardt has to deal with aggressive attackers every day. As a professional ice hockey player, he knows how he can prevail. The involvement of the 25-year-old in a rapid chase by Waiblingen makes him a daily hero.
    "Beware of crime" – The security magazine focuses on the topic of prevention. Illustrative examples from the southwest warn against theft or fraud and experts show how to protect yourself. In addition, the magazine supports the police in current searches and shows how security agencies work. ARD Mediathek: The program can be seen from 3 December 2019 to 3 December 2020 under ARDmediathek.de.

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