The Crown Season 4: Yet Another Queen


     For the first two seasons of the Netflix series The Crown Claire Foy took over the role of Queen Elizabeth II in Season 3, she was then replaced by Olivia Colman. For the fourth season Foy is once again as the English Queen in front of the camera. Now we know the reason for that.
    For her portrayal of Queen Anne in The Favorite, actress Olivia Colman has been awarded an Academy Award. For the third season of the Netflix series The Crown, in which she plays Queen Elizabeth II, she was accordingly well prepared. Colman was convincing in her role. Of course, Claire Foy, who portrayed the younger queen in the first two The Crown seasons, also cut a fine figure. And, it seems, there will be a reunion with the 35-year-old actress very soon. Because Foy was spotted recently during the filming of the new episodes of the fourth season.
    As the Daily Mail reports, Foy has once again turned into Elizabeth II for further episodes of the popular Netflix series. There was already a first picture of the film set. According to the report, Foy filmed a scene in which she sits behind a BBC microphone and on the 21st birthday of Elisabeth speaks via radio to the people. If one compares the Netflix version with original recordings clearly shows that so probably that event was adjusted.
    Of course, Colman will also land in the fourth season in the lead role. The cast member cast for the next season is also known for a long time. Foy will only be seen in retrospect. Whether it remains with this one flashback, or whether she plays in other scenes, is still unclear. However, a statement from Netflix was not long in coming: "Currently we turn the fourth season of The Crown, more seasons have been yet, however, not been commissioned, news that pertain to this matter, must be described as pure speculation." So there is plenty of excitement about The Crown. We'll keep you up to date on other news.

    Source: Daily Mail

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