The Walking Dead Season 10 Winter break: Then the new episodes start


     After the midseason finale, the annual winter break started for The Walking Dead. However, as it turns out, this could be significantly longer than initially assumed. The station AMC officially announced when we can expect episode 9 of season 10. Fans will probably have to wait a while.
    On November 24, 2019, episode 8 in the US ran the tenth season of The Walking Dead. In Germany she followed as usual the day after. As all fans of the series already know, it is now time for a longer winter break. But it takes even longer than expected before we will see Michonne, Gabriel and Co. again.
    Usually, the wait for new episodes always ended in February. This is also the case again this year, as confirmed in a trailer at the end of the Midseason finale. So far, we were owed an exact date for the supply. Now Sender AMC finally reveals more details and tells exactly when it goes on: The ninth episode of Season 10 will officially celebrate its premiere on February 23, 2020. For German viewers, that means memorizing the evening of February 24, 2020. Sky will broadcast the new episode as usual from 9pm.
    If one compares the waiting period with the previous seasons, it turns out this year a little longer. With the exception of Season 2 and Season 8, the The Walking Dead break usually ends on the second Sunday of February. This time, fans must be patient and wait two weeks longer. That's not going to be that easy given the cliffhanger of Episode 8. We are looking forward to seeing what awaits us next February.

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