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    Caro Cult biography
    Caro Cult starts with a starring role in Season 3 of the hit show "Babylon Berlin". The twelve new episodes will be shown on Sky from January 24, 2020 and on ARD in autumn 2020. In 2019, she also starred in television films such as the Kiel crime scene and Simon Verhoeven's current feature NIGHTLIFE. It is expected to be on view in the spring of 2020 in the 6-part Netflix series "Biohackers".
    Caro Cult grew up near Hanover. In 2012 she decided to start an art career in Berlin. She made first music videos and short films as well as the underground movie "Teens on Age" by and with Henning Gronkowski. Caro met star photographer Oliver Rath, with whom she combined years of collaboration and friendship.
    She appeared in several independent film productions such as FUCKING BERLIN, GOOD BIRDS, LOMO – THE LANGUAGE OF MANY OTHERS, and FIKKEFUCHS. In 2017, her first major role in Anika Decker's HIGH SOCIETY helped her make a breakthrough in German cinema.
    Caro on Caro: "I am constantly changing, always living my truth and even if they are so crazy and unadjusted, I hope to convey values ​​and inspire. For some, that may be strange. I find that weird so wonderful, because it's radically authentic. That's what matters to me in life: I want it pure and so crazy that you can write films about it. That's what we're in this industry for. Because let's be honest: Who looks like the adapted, perfect showpiece without edges? "
    Caro Cult lives vegan and is committed to u. a. working with organizations such as PETA to promote animal and environmental protection.
    Author: Johanna Mahlberg

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