Jungle Camp 2020: These luxury items take the celebrities to the camp


     Ready for the jungle camp? The 14th season of "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!", Moderated by Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich, starts on Friday, January 10, 2020 at 9:15 p.m. Then RTL sends twelve stars to the camp for rice and beans.
    Glamping? None. Nevertheless, the celebrities can have two luxury items in their luggage. The pillow is and remains a popular companion. But who can not be without their mouthwash, a flower or a rivet set?
    Anastasiya Avilova (model), luxury item: face cream and pillow
    "I have a face cream and a pillow with me. A pillow because I like to sleep comfortably – at least halfway comfortably in the jungle. And the cream because my skin is so dry. I just can't help it! It's also not a luxury item for me, but unfortunately it couldn't be otherwise. "
    Claudia Norberg (Wendler-Ex), luxury article: Kajal and lip care
    "I have been putting on make-up since I was 13 years old. I don't know how often I have left my house without make-up at all, so I couldn't do without cosmetic products. I decided on the lip balm because I always want to have well-groomed lips and on the kohl pencil so that I can always emphasize my eyes. I heard a lot of people take a pillow with them, but what good is a good night's sleep if I don't feel good all day and don't look good. I won't look good anyway, but at least I can emphasize my eyes a bit. "
    Danni Büchner (cult emigrant), luxury items: perfume and pillows
    "I take exactly the same luxury items to the jungle camp as my husband Jens did two years ago: a pillow that my family is on so that I feel like I see them and a perfume."
    Elena Miras (Reality asterisk), luxury item: pillow and earplugs
    "The pillow clearly as a memory of my daughter and Mike. And ear buds, because I think it will be very loud in the jungle. At least I can sleep in peace, even if it will only be a few hours.
    Günther Krause (former Federal Minister of Transport), luxury item: mouthwash and pillow
    "I took the mouthwash with me for oral hygiene. I could imagine that it would be a real problem in the jungle camp. I took the pillow with me to have my wife in bed with me. This is the pillow that we have in our house Spain. It even smells a little bit like her! "
    Marco Cerullo (Bachelorette candidate), luxury item: talisman and pillow
    "With Christina I got bracelets [Anm.: Talisman] in Thailand, she also has a ribbon. Our lucky charm! My second luxury item is a pillow from Christina. A sacred pillow, because I have never been allowed to sleep on it. That means a lot to me that I can use the pillow now. "
    Markus Reinecke (RTL super dealer), luxury item: flower and cloth
    "I thought about what I would take with me for a long time. There are toothbrushes and hairbrushes in the jungle, so I don't really need anything. So I'm taking my favorite flower, which I always wear on my super dealer shirt, with me. The flower brings I don't go any further, but for me it is something of a lucky charm. And on the outward journey I bought an orange scarf. It is colored, brings a good mood to the camp and is versatile: I can do it around my head and wrap it around my neck, use it as a belt, or hide under it. "
    Prince Damien (DSDS winner), luxury item: stud set and cuddly toy
    "I took two luxury items with me. The first luxury item is my rivets. And the second item is my teddy. The rivets because they somehow belong to me. I don't want to go out! And the teddy is there because I don't like being alone sleep."
    Sonja Kirchberger (actress, luxury item: blush and brush
    "I take brushes and powder with me, but frankly I don't remember why I chose it. Maybe my ulterior motive was that if I got a little pale from the jungle exam, I could bring a little freshness to my face."
    Sven Ottke (world boxing champion), luxury items: pillows and talisman
    "The talisman is a pendant on a chain. There is a very special stone in it that brings me to rest and gives me strength. Then I have a pillow, which is comfortable. I don't need more!"
    Toni Trips (singer), luxury items: cuddly toy and concealer
    "Alfredo (your cuddly toy) is my best friend and cuddle partner. When I'm sad, I cuddle with Alfredo. He has already come on various trips, so he had to go to Australia now. If I get a pimple, it has to be covered – that's why the concealer, after all, we're still on TV. And because of the dark circles around my eyes, I can simply retouch them. "
    Raúl Richter (actor), luxury item: earplugs and hair gel
    "My hair is always crisscross. I have to put in hair gel or I put on a hat all the time, but I don't know if the hat looks good. But it can also be that hair gel is totally shit with the humidity in Australia I have earplugs with me because I want to be able to rest when I sleep. So that nobody annoys me and I don't hear the snoring of others. "

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