Lucifer Season 5: Actors Found for God


     The final season of Lucifer will once again offer everything possible to please fans one last time. In addition to the love story between Lucifer and Chloe, Lucifer's father God will now also be shown.
    Lucifer fans have a bad year ahead of them. Not only will the last season of their favorite series appear, the fifth and final season will also be split in half, which means an annoying waiting time between the two halves. In turn, the season is overall longer than its predecessors and the makers of the series have previously promised to deliver the best season of the series. You respond to fan requests and want to tell everything that has not yet been told or explained. So there is no open end, we like to hear that!
    So it should happen with the love story between Lucifer and his Chloe. After the two have had feelings for each other for some time, Chloe confessed theirs to him just before he had to go back to hell. So the two stayed for the time being, but as show runner Joe Henderson reveals, the fifth season will focus on the romance.
    But this is not the only detail that is already known about the upcoming season. Entertainment Weekly, for example, is currently reporting that God will appear on the series. As the father of Lucifer and his brother, the angel Amenadiel, God has already been mentioned many times and is likely to influence what is happening. Now, however, a suitable actor for God has been found and this should be seen in several episodes. This is how Dennis Haysbert will embody the Almighty. The actor is probably best known from series 24, in which he plays the President of the United States.
    When Lucifer Season 5 will be released in Germany is still unclear. However, the season should be released later this year. Although Lucifer is a Netflix series, the fifth season in Germany is expected to appear on Amazon Prime Video as usual.
    Source: Entertainment Weekly

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