Jungle Camp 2020: Day 1 – The same Kotzedur as every year


     It started again last night: The 14th season of "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!" started at RTL. In addition to numerous new celebrities, there are of course blatant and disgusting jungle exams, you can find the highlights in the picture gallery below the text.
    Ex-Minister Günther Krause is preparing a real state reception in the jungle style. Accompanied by a motorcycle convoy, he is chauffeured to the camp in a limousine and enters the jungle carpet in a state-like and musical way accompanied by the German national anthem, played by a five-piece band. The "leader" Günther also takes over the camp as the first team boss. Three tests have to be mastered at the start of the jungle: a slide in a bathtub, the overcoming of a rickety suspension bridge and "Dinner for Twelve – the same mess as every year" with eight breaking celebrity campers.
    Limousine, motorcycle convoy and brass band: Ex-Minister Günther Krause is escorted into the jungle!
    This has never been done before with "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!". For Prof. Dr. Günther Krause (66), Federal Minister of Transport a. D., begins his jungle adventure like a statesman: in an armored, black limousine and accompanied by a motorcycle convoy, he is chauffeured to the camp all by himself and receives a real state reception in the jungle style. When the ex-politician enters the green jungle carpet, a five-piece band plays the German national anthem. He is visibly moved, but after a few minutes a ranger Günther Krause makes it clear that the extra treatment has come to an end once and for all: "From now on you are Günther. Your titles no longer matter."
    Krause's fellow camper, on the other hand, is expecting the hard way: rangers escort military roaring Danni Büchner (cult emigrant, 41), Sonja Kirchberger (actress, 55), Toni Trips (singer, 22), Prince Damien (DSDS winner, 29), Raúl Richter (actor, 32), Elena Miras (reality star, 27), Claudia Norberg (Wendler-Ex, 49), Anastasiya Avilova (model, 31), Sven Ottke (boxing world champion, 52), Marco Cerullo (Bachelorette- Candidate, 31) and Markus Reinecke (RTL super dealer, 50) from their luxury life. There is no time to say goodbye to the relatives or to pack personal things. Little by little, the future "jungle people" arrive in front of two helicopters and they sniff each other directly. The stars have no time for more intensive discussions, because it means: get on the helicopters and off into the air. The jungle adventure starts.
    "Wanne Heikel", "Brücke" and "Dinner for Twelve – the same cure as every year"
    It starts with three jungle tests: After a helicopter flight in "Wanne Heikel", a group goes to a slide in a bathtub that heads for a steep coastal cliff. Sonja, Elena, Raúl, Danni, Toni and Prince Damien are successively placed in a bathtub that is open to the front and slides towards an abyss. Until the tub arrives at the abyss, the camper has to answer a question correctly. Only Prince Damien makes it and fights for a star.
    Claudia, Markus, Sven, Anastasiya and Marco have to fight for stars after their helicopter flight in the jungle test "Brücke" and have to shimmy along a rickety suspension bridge. In the end, Marco, Markus and Anastasiya, each with a star in their hands, manage to cross the shaky bridge. At the end of the day, the campers arrive with team leader Günther with four stars in their luggage.
    Spit record at the jungle exam "Dinner for Twelve – the same mess as every year"!
    After their first night in the camp, all twelve stars have to compete together for the jungle test "Dinner for Twelve – The Same Kotzedur as Every Year". A festive table with twelve seats and silver jars awaits the campers. "Please choose a place. Günther, please at the end of the table, "Sonja Zietlow greets the prominent dozen of jungles. All celebrities have to eat the jungle delicacies that are under the glass in front of them in one minute. There is a star for every dish that is served in time. If you spit out a portion of your portion, you have lost the star, and for medical reasons, Günther cannot fight for a star in this test himself, but he does choose a fellow camper who has to eat his portion for him for the former Federal Minister of Transport as an aperitif "pureed sheep's testicles." "I'll do that for Günther," says the cult emigrant. With a disgusted face, she begins to choke down the pulpy mass, but she doesn't even make a third of the glass in the given time. No star!
    Then the real feast begins. The four-course menu is already available under the glasses.
    1st course: Mulligatawny Soup (vomit fruit, mudfish, cockroaches and pork vagina):
    This dish is served before Sven, Elena and Danni. All three surrender after a few bites and spit out everything they have in their mouth. "Then dear penis," said Elena in disgust. No star!
    2nd course: Chicken (turkey testicles, green colored mouse tails, fermented soybeans and dried crickets):
    Markus, Toni and Raúl have to go. Busy is eaten, but a little later the great gagging and vomiting starts again. Only RTL super dealer Markus pulls it calmly and mucks his plate empty. "Bit like white sausage," explains the junk fox, who has won the only star so far.
    3rd course: North Sea Haddock (mullet intestine, in a urine sauce and a fish eye):
    Sonja, Prince Damien and Marco get started. Not ten seconds pass before Marco spits everything out. At the same time, Prince Damien has half a portion in his mouth and is chewing hard. Concentrated and with her eyes closed, Sonja takes care of this meal. Finally, Prince Damien is licking his empty plate. Sonja also plastered everything. "Do not breathe through your nose and think of something completely different in your head, then somehow it worked," says the actress, the recipe for success. And what motivated Prince Damien? "I don't want my grandma to think I'm a pussy," said the DSDS winner. Two stars!
    4th course: Fruit salad (vomit fruit, sea cucumber and pork penis):
    Like everyone else, Anastasiya and Claudia try at least their portion. However, as in the aisles before, it doesn't take long for everything that has been chewed and swallowed to come up and end up behind the table. No more star! The sobering conclusion: eight breaking celebrity campers and three stars!
    In addition to limousine rides and jungle tests, normal camp life also begins.
    Team boss Günther: "As a former Federal Minister, I have to be a leader. I already exude a certain dominance and, in a sense, I am an authority," said Günther, who is team leader on the first day. "At the time, for example, I assumed 500,000 employees at Deutsche Bahn". What didn't seem to work for the train doesn't work in the jungle camp. Bored and yawning, the other eleven campers endure the former politician's endless rules. "He talked so much and then at a pace that you could only fall asleep. It was like a single sound!" Elena sums up.
    Ice Age when moving in – Danni vs. Anastasiya: It's no secret that Danni and Anastasiya have a big problem with each other. "In principle, I don't say hello to her. It's about her ex-boyfriend Ennesto Monte. He was and is a friend of the family," Danni explains angrily on the jungle phone. "He broke up with her, visited us in Mallorca and photos were taken. And then she said that he broke up because of me – and she tells some shit newspaper. Why does she do that?" It is clear that there is an ice age between the two women when they greet them at the camp. The emigrant pays no attention to the model. And what does the 31-year-old say about the tense situation? "I would compare it to a pimple pulling up and festering."
    Relationship talk: Claudia about the Wendler: Claudia and Danni retreat to the pond to be undisturbed. The cult emigrant gets straight to the point and asks Claudia what she thinks of Laura Müller's playboy shoot. "Basically I don't care. It is no longer my world. There are more important things in life for me," Claudia says. Danni doesn't give up and wants to know more about Michael Wendler: "Did you only have happy years and never quarrels?" Claudia: "Sure we had a disagreement and a crisis, then I slept one night in the living room." Danni cannot imagine that the Schlagerbard treats Claudia respectfully: "As an outsider, it doesn't work that way." And further: "Does he support you? Can you get help?" Claudia holed with questions: "I have my mom now." Danni also doubts Michael Wendler's relationship with 19-year-old Laura Müller. She cannot imagine that you will fall in love again directly after 29 years of marriage. Claudia briefly: "Yes, but it happened like that. He fell in love."
    Danni's severe loss: "Diagnosed in October, he died in November!" Then tears come to her when she tells Claudia and Sven about the cancer diagnosis of her late husband Jens in 2018. "I asked the doctor: 'How long, how many weeks?' And she just said, 'No, days!' I didn't believe it until shortly before. I never think about the time when he was sick. It wasn't him. I think about the time that was nice. I remember I wanted to tell my children myself, but then they read it on Facebook. " And even after Jens' death, Danni had to fight. "After that it got really bad. Everyone wanted something and I had to work again very quickly and see how I finance everything. I always tell my children that Dad was sick and Dad is now the sun. He was really a cool guy! "

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