Jungle camp 2020: Day 2 – Elena and Danni in the jungle hell


     Day 2 in the jungle and instead of 12 campers there are only 11. While Prof. Dr. Günther Krause has already left the camp for health reasons and has returned to civilization, Elena Miras and Danni Büchner are chosen by the spectators in the jungle test "Gray Under".
    However, this is not a good star for the ladies. Because screaming and whining alone will not fill your fellow campers. Then the stars in the jungle camp are also surprised by heavy rains. Here you can read what happened in the new episode. You will also find a picture gallery with the best moments from day 2 below the article.
    11 minutes of misery during the “Gray Under” jungle test: Elena Miras and Danni Büchner have to take the second jungle test, which calls for teamwork: the two women should each climb a tunnel in a double-decker tunnel system down a ladder. The lower, flooded tunnel is inhabited by all kinds of jungle animals. Here it is important to look for eleven stars in eleven minutes, which should be passed on to the partner in the upper tunnel. When Sonja Zietlow asked whether Elena was looking forward to the exam, Sonja deliberately ignored it. The trembling and weeping reality star is plagued by claustrophobia even before she has even entered a tunnel. "Can someone fetch me if I get a panic attack?" She stutters anxiously. And Danni is also afraid: "Short question: will I survive it?" After long considerations, Elena finally bravely decides to go for the upper tunnel. Danni descends into the water tunnel. "Make your children proud", Sonja motivates the 41-year-old Büchner widow. But like Elena before, Danni is now reaching her psychological limits. The time is running. Danni crawls through the water and complains: “There's a crocodile in there. I'm going to die! ”And“ I want to live! ”Even a hundred shrill screams later, the cult emigrant doesn't even come close to a star. The jungle moderators end the exam after eleven minutes. Zero stars. "Absolute professionals: eleven minutes whined and not a single star," jokes Daniel after the women have left.
    Prof. Dr. Günther Krause – Lively greeting from the hospital: Prof. Dr. Günter Krause has left the jungle camp and will not be returning. In the afternoon of the second day in the jungle, the ex-politician was not feeling well. In order to clarify the reason for this, the supervising production doctors accompanied the Federal Minister of Transport a. D. for a health check from the jungle. Diagnosis: weakness. After a night under medical observation, the 66-year-old cheerfully comes out of the hospital to speak: “I'm feeling better today than yesterday. I hope to be back among the ordinary people tomorrow. I was put through my paces before and in the jungle camp and everything was always great. Nevertheless, the crash came yesterday. Apparently the jungle camp is a bit more exhausting than a camping holiday. I would love to go back to the camp, but I can't. Sure, it hurts. I would have liked to finish it, in the last three. And dear Angela, dear Angie, if you watch, I will get really well again. You don't have to worry. You will not get rid of me!"
    False snake: Anastasiya has publicly affirmed her ex-boyfriend an affair with Danni The cult emigrant finds this anything but funny. Anastasiya takes heart at the pond and speaks to Danni for the first time about the story: "I would like to talk to you about our situation, because it hangs in the air." Danni is open for a clarifying conversation, but goes loudly to the full : "You attacked me in the worst year of my life. You didn't think that there was family behind! "Anastasiya tries to explain:" I actually wanted to attack him! From a human point of view, it was shit on my part, I wanted to tell you and apologize. "However, she doesn't get absolution from the cult emigrant:" Yes, that's important, then you feel better and what God sees! But just think better next time. "And on the jungle phone Danni makes another clear announcement:" I think it's good that she apologized. But in private life she should go right and I will go left because I don’t want to have anything to do with people like that. ”
    Elena's emotional night watch: “When I was 15 years old, I had blatant cyberbullying. I've been through hell, ”says Toni Elena in a four-eye conversation at the night watch. And the 27-year-old reality star knows bullying online. After participating in "Love Island", she got a lot of hate messages via social media, she says. But online violence did not stop there: “Then I'm home to Switzerland. They just burned my bell, ”says Elena. Toni is shocked. And Elena continues: “This is the first time that I am telling this. I still don't know who did it. "Elena stops her voice and tears shoot her eyes:" I get so emotional when I tell that. "Toni hugs her new breast friend. About a month after Elena's “summer house” victory, something bad had happened, she continues to tell the 22-year-old singer. Her memories of what happened at that time are obviously difficult for her. The suffering and pain come back to Elena. Because the 27-year-old mother of a little daughter (Aylen, 1) was reported to the office: "The youth welfare office was switched on completely", she sobs. Toni stunned: "What ?! You can not be serious? That's really bad. "Elena asserts:" I would never shout at my daughter or anything. Not in life! My daughter is my whole life. ”She is just someone who, when something disturbs her, just blows it out. "Some can handle it and others can't," she says more confidently. Be prepared for the time after the jungle: "If I come out, I will definitely have hate."
    Danni's intentions: Elena Miras has been thinking about Danni Büchner for a long time. How does the widow really tick? Why is she constantly talking about her late husband Jens? "Because he is so present here," explains Danni when asked. Elena asks: "Are you doing this on your own or because many people are talking to you about it?" Danni explains: "I am not participating here so that people think she has a grief story and is therefore getting on. I am here as Danni Büchner, as mom and as a widow. There are bad people who accuse me of this, who call me a professional widow. I didn't earn a penny from my husband's story! ”Elena is honest:“ I think that comes across so many that you try to feel sorry for yourself or to be the 'poor woman'. In all interviews, your husband is always in the foreground and not you. "Danni contradicts:" No, I always said I was here because of the coal. And if I felt sorry for my husband, I couldn't do it for a lifetime. I couldn't look in the mirror anymore. I have not yet processed my grief properly and I am not yet ready to complete it. "Elena advises:" I believe that if you do not take this path of compassion, you will always be more successful. "
    Reason for separation at Claudia: "Was the new woman the reason for separation?" Sonja Kirchberger wants to know from Claudia Norberg am Weiher. "Yes, of course also. But I hadn't thought that the dispute that we had then contributed to it. He then met her in the whole situation. Then he just fell in love with this girl. That was not all pleasant, ”said the frank answer, the Wendler ex, who continues to leave her husband with no bad hair. Danni does not want to believe that everything went as harmoniously as Claudia claims and Elena also suggests that she knows a lot more: “In the summer house, Michael and I had a fight. I then apologized there. After that Laura and I were still in contact. That's why I know the other side. I know that from another person, so I know that this is definitely true! ”What exactly does Elena mean? "I'm not telling this here," explains the reality star on the jungle phone. "I'm waiting for the moment when Claudia tells me her story and then I can say my opinion and share my information! I am definitely on the side of Laura and Michael. It will be a small, maybe a larger, bomb that will burst. It's already ticking! "

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