Work in Progress: Comedy series in February exclusively at Sky


     The neurotic, lesbian Abby finds a new love and overcomes her life crisis: the weird comedy series Work in Progress by and with Abby McEnany can be watched on Tuesdays from 8:15 p.m. in double episodes on Sky Atlantic HD as well as via Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Available on demand via Sky Q. We show you the US trailer below this text in the player.
    About "Work in Progress": The overweight mid-forties Abby McEnany (herself) has been struggling with depression, obsessive compulsive disorders and a wide variety of fears for a long time. She has settled down well in her ongoing life crisis and lets off her steam with the therapist. But despite all self-loathing, the basically lovable lesbian always manages to enchant her surroundings. But now she has decided to undertake a radical experiment: If after 180 days she still cannot get her life in order, she wants to end it. When her energetic sister Alison (Karin Anglin) couples her with the self-confident, also sexually open-minded trans man Chris (Theo Germaine), Abby gains a completely new view of her life and herself. With the help of her best friend Campbell (Celeste Pechous) she tries to cope with modern dates, therapy breakdowns and rude colleagues and in the end even dares to face the woman "who ruined her life": Julia Sweeney (herself).
    In the spirit of the anarchic cult comedy "Let it go, Larry", the lesbian improv comedy star Abby McEnany confidently puts himself at the center of a comedy series in Work in Progress: she relentlessly addresses her own fears and neuroses and takes the queer community as well on the grain like the supposedly "normal" society around it. Supported by colleagues such as "Saturday Night Live" star Julia Sweeney or Theo Germaine ("The Politician"), she succeeded in creating a hilarious as well as deeply human comedy series. The eight half-hour episodes were written not only by Abby McEnany, but also by matrix creator Lilly Wachowski.

    Original title: "Work in Progress"
    Comedy series
    8 episodes
    approx. 30 minutes each
    USA 2019
    Directed by Tim Mason
    Screenplay and idea: Tim Mason, Abby McEnany, Lilly Wachowski
    Actors: Abby McEnany, Karin Anglin, Theo Germaine, Celeste Pechous, Julia Sweeney, Armand Fields.
    Broadcast dates: As of February 18, 2020, available on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. in double episodes on Sky Atlantic HD and in parallel on Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Sky Q on demand. Either in German or in the original.

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