Jungle Camp 2020: Day 3 – Dispute over Wendler and his Laura


     Day 3 in the jungle and again there are some interesting stories. In animal society, cult emigrant Danni also fights for the stars in the jungle test "The Nightmare Ship". Elena triggers a dispute over Wendler and his Laura, Toni talks about their difficult youth and Prince Damien about his single life. Under the article you will also find a picture gallery with the highlights of day 3.
    Walk to the jungle test: Elena had to tremble again, but in the end the audience sent Danni into the jungle test again. Apparently the widow doesn't find it as bad as she claims. Looking at the group, she whispers to Elena: "They're annoyed! They won't get anywhere. That's good, that's my time, my airtime!" Sven adds: "They want to see the group suffer!" Danni and Elena see it very differently. Danni: "They want to see US suffer. You can see who the viewers are interested in. In me and in her!" The 41-year-old replies on the jungle phone: "So the viewer is concerned with me – that has something. So I don't seem to be so uninteresting or boring. Maybe that's my stage today, solo performance. The others are already a bit pissed off that they are somehow not named. " After an encouraging farewell from the camp, the cult emigrant rushes on the way to the jungle test with Elena. "All actors," says Danni. "They can all take part in the film later."
    Jungle Trial "The Nightmare Ship": Danni is in the jungle to fight for her children. Does the widow work hard for her fellow campers to stop their hunger? On the third day she competes alone in the jungle test "The Nightmare Ship". An old ship is waiting for the mother of five, with eleven stars hidden in animal enclosures inside. To get into the enclosure, Danni has to open it beforehand with keys. Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich start the 11-minute countdown. The cult emigrant runs back and forth aimlessly and grumbling because she can't find the keys. Time ticks mercilessly. When the 41-year-old discovered the first key, she went to a camel enclosure. But the two desert ships don't let Danni look for a place to star. Sonja Zietlow: "Push the camel away with the back of your hand." No sooner said than done: Danni pushes past the massive animal bodies and gets two stars. Her cockroaches are falling steadily on the back of her neck, which she comments with exaggerated screams and scoundrels: "You disgusting critters!" The emigrant doesn't like the animal society inside the ship at all. She also gets a star in the water barrel full of eels and in the lizard enclosure. Danni can call her own four stars at the end of the exam.
    "The Danni Show": When she returns from the jungle exam, Danni can be celebrated for her four stars: "This will be another Danni show", the mother of five rejoices. This sentence resents Elena. On the jungle phone, the reality star is critical: "Why does she say that? I don't know how to assess Danni. I was warned in advance that she should be careful. I don't know what to think, if she should that wants to make it a Danni show? "
    Elena reveals (almost) everything: from a forwarding agent to a hit star! Claudia reports in detail to all fellow campers about how she and Michael Wendler have built his career. Everyone is curiously hanging on their lips and asking. "Did he look for the public with you as he did now with his new girlfriend?" Raúl wants to know. But Elena grabs in between: "Guys, there are always two versions. I have very, very good contact with Laura and Michael. You got a lot of media exposure from the two, because you talk about them very badly." Claudia reacts angrily: "No, we had a crisis, we were separated and then Laura came! I'm not bad at talking about them!" Elena gets loud: "Yes, there are a thousand reports. You also said Laura came and he left you. But that was not the case. That was not the reason for the separation. The reason was something completely different. Something happened and that's why you broke up. " Danni interjects that it is not the subject of the group now, who separated from whom and when. Elena defends herself: "Yes, Laura called me and wanted her not always to be portrayed as the bad guy. She can't talk about the topic because the partner wants to protect the daughter. Sure, then I open my mouth. " None of the other campers really understand their "revelation offensive".

    Prince Damien defuses the situation and goes to fetch water with Elena. There the 27-year-old bursts into tears: "I swear one thing to you: if I hate something in life, if you are wrong. Danni came to me earlier and says, 'I also learned things from Claudia that her version not true. "And then she says seriously in front of the whole group, that's not our topic. Does she want to punch me in? And before she talks badly about the other. What kind of falsehood? I won't let anyone What is she thinking who she is? I was honest with her and now she wants to do a bitch move! If everyone knew the story I know, everyone would be quiet and then everyone would know how Claudia really is! "
    Night watch Toni and Prince Damien: At night watch Toni tells Prince Damien about her difficult youth and the relationship with her mother. As a teenager, she made a lot of "shit", she confesses to the DSDS winner. "I was such a runaway, I was addicted to parties." And further: "I was reported missing every week." Her mother, who is in a wheelchair and suffering from depression, was always worried about her because Toni did not tell her where she was. Finally, Toni ended up in a youth flat share because her mother saw no other way out. But shortly before the singer participated in DSDS in 2019, her mother was in poor health. Toni: "Then I went back to mom and helped her a lot. Then I started to get normal." Now help her mother and concentrate on her music (on January 10th Toni Trips released her single "Dream"). In retrospect, it was a crazy time for Toni, she says to Prince Damien. Today she has a good relationship with her mother: "She is incredibly proud of me because she also sees that I have changed!"
    Sven's night: "I have a club called 'Sven helps', with whom I help children who are what I used to be," says boxing world champion Danni at the night watch. "Because of my parents' divorce, I really just messed up. I was kicked out of kindergarten and given a sentence in elementary school." Due to the frustration he had, he resolved any conflict with his fists, Sven continued. Danni asks if that's why he became a boxer. "No, total coincidence … At 14 I was still completely through. If my classmate hadn't spoken to me about whether I didn't feel like coming to the training, I would never have had the success in life that I had through boxing. I am still grateful to him today that he spoke to me. That's why my son is called like him! " And then Sven takes the chance and reads the Levites to the mostly negative-tempered Danni, because the widow whines in a tour: "These frogs are so loud. Can you tell them that they should be quiet? How did people endure here, stay long. Pooh, camping is not for me! " Sven reacts energetically and annoyed: "Sorry, I ask you. I understand you zero! You knew that !!!?! This is Pillepalle here, adventure vacation. What did you think? You think too negative! I can think of you! just guess, get more relaxed. "
    Singles in the camp: why is Prince Damien single? Markus wants to know from the singer: "I don't know," says the 29-year-old bisexual. "I have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, it has never happened. Sure, I have gained my experience, otherwise I wouldn't know that I like women. I think it is difficult for other people to get involved with me. I have really crazy animals at home. I have a simple standard of living. If, for example, a partner wants to eat out every day, I wouldn't do it. Whenever I met someone, it failed because of something important that the person is down to earth and not a party mouse. I sometimes think that I am not lovable. At 29 single, that's stupid. Elena, you are 27 and have a man, a child … "Elena interrupts him and stretches laughing the hand up: "No man, a friend! I'm waiting for the ring!"
    By the way, Elena and Danni have to go into today's jungle exam, which is called "The hot chair". We can therefore be curious whether this time there will be more stars than in comparison to their first joint test on day 2.

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