Cinema Charts Germany: The Top 10 from January 13, 2020


     This week, newcomers are only of secondary importance. While the more settled in the midfield, the crime comedy Knives Out with Daniel Craig and Chris Evans made a great climb. Something has also happened to Star Wars 9. More on this now in the current cinema charts:
    Don't worry Fanboys, Episode 9 is stuck in the saddle. At least in this country, because in the United States Star Wars 9 has to give the top back to the Golden Globes winner in 1917. The war drama starts only this week with us. The family-inspired cinema thriller Knives Out has developed into an aspiring pursuer for Skywalker's rise. From place 4 to 2 it goes up for the flick with Daniel "James Bond" Craig and Chris "Captain America" ​​Evans. It is precisely this rank that Jumanji 2 has to let go and still ends up on the podium of the three most popular films of the week.
    Disney's animated hit Frozen 2 is also down one position. Just like Disney's current sci-fi starhorse 9, the sequel to the most successful animated film is approaching the $ 500 million mark. High box office results, which could already be expected.
    The German comedy The Perfect Secret ranks fifth, ahead of this week's highest newcomer. The Grudge horstrip gets its 2020 remake. This is followed by the family-friendly family adventure Four Magical Sisters. The animated film Spies Undercover is going to be the loser in the cinema charts this week, because agent fun is three ranks down.
    The end of the cinema top 10 is the Caroline Link film Als Hitler The Pink Rabbit Steel and the action cracker 3 Engel for Charlie. We say goodbye to two big names this time. Cats leaves the movie charts after a short stay and the Joker could not benefit from the Golden Globes hype of the past week again. You can get all information and the trailers for the placements by clicking on the film titles in the following overview of places 1 to 10.


    KINOScience-FictionKinostart: December 18, 2019 Trailer

    The final chapter of the third generation. The story about the Jedi warrior Rey is completed in episode 9. The final trailer for the conclusion of the saga: Star Wars 9 – The Rise of Skywalkers.


    Everyone is suspicious in this movie thriller! Super exciting, pretty funny and with Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Don Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis. You should see this new trailer: Knives Out.


    The game has changed: when they return to Jumanji to save one of them, they find that nothing is what they expected. Here comes the trailer for part 3. Jumanji 2: The Next Level.


    CINEMA Adventure Cinema release: 11/21/2019 Trailer

    Just in time for the Christmas season, the most successful animated film of all time is finally being continued. Here comes the new, exciting trailer for Disney's 2nd Frozen Adventure. Frozen 2


    Three women. Four men. Seven phones. And the question: how well do we really know our loved ones? Honesty is discussed at a dinner. The friends spontaneously decide to play. The perfect secret.


    First trailer for the horror remake of the classic. Are you ready for even bloodier stuff than the original? Here in the new trailer you can see how different the new film will be. The Grudge 2020.


    The film is based on Sheridan Winn's bestselling Sprite Sisters girl book series, which delights numerous fans worldwide with their magical adventures around the sisters Flame, Sky, Flora and Marina. The trailer for Four Magical Sisters.


    Superspy Lance Sterling is pretty much the opposite of scientist Walter Beckett. Lance is cool, charming and clever. Walter is … it is not. Spies Undercover – New Trailer.


    Germany, 1933: Little Anna Kemper lives with her family in Berlin. Since her father is an open opponent of the National Socialists, he has to flee to Zurich after Hitler's takeover. Trailer for the movie As Hitler The Pink Rabbit Steel.


    Elizabeth Banks brings the next generation of angels to the big screen: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska – as always in the service of the mysterious Charles Townsend. New trailer! 3 angels for Charlie.


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