Jungle Camp 2020: Day 4 – Elena in the hot chair


     On the fourth day in the jungle camp, Elena and Danni have to take the jungle exam for the second time – are there stars instead of screams today? Tears with Marco, the first treasure hunt and Danni's next low mood. The best moments from day 4 in pictures can of course also be found in the picture gallery below.
    Elena and Danni have to prove their team qualities in the "Hot Chair" test: a board over a pool full of fish waste and offal, plus eleven closed boxes with different contents – that's what Danni Büchner and Elena Miras expect at their second jungle test "Hot Chair". Teamwork is required again: Danni has to reach into the boxes one by one and feel what is in them. At the same time, the 41-year-old has to describe to her teammate Elena, who is sitting on the board, what she thinks she feels. In doing so, she may not name the contents of the box exactly, but rather rewrite it. If Elena guesses what is in the box within 30 seconds, there is a star – if not, the reality star ends up in the stinky, slimy brew. There are a total of eleven stars to be won! But nothing will come of it, because the two really only run smoothly at the beginning. The first three stars are quickly fetched. Danni doesn't really reach into the boxes, but Elena guesses that there are crabs, then a snake and then three frogs in the boxes. After the successful intro, things go steeply downhill: Danni hardly dares to put her hands in the boxes. As soon as she touches anything, she shrugs back. Elena's motivation ("You don't have to be afraid! Nothing can kill you! You can do it!") Doesn't help either. Pigeons, cockroaches, rats, socks, mini crocodiles and green jelly are not exposed. There is only one star each for guessing spiders and green ants. So Elena ends up a total of six times in the disgusting vat and still becomes a sexy fish waste bikini heroine. Although she screams and squeaks, she not only takes the situation with humor, but surprises everyone with how incredibly fast she jumps out of the pool. "But that was a cool move! The woman who was able to walk on water, ”comments Sonja Zietlow with a laugh. And Daniel Hartwich attests: "That's crazy! It's like pole vaulting. Elena, I have never seen anyone climb out of a pool so quickly in my whole life! ”Conclusion: Danni is once again not really convincing and Elena is again the winner of the test. At the end she laughs and explains: “I needed that to take a shower! To be fresh and yeah, to pose so little in front of the camera with a bikini! ”Five deserved stars, especially for Elena's funny, sporty performance!
    Depri Danni Jammerzeit: It's Sven Ottke again, who gets a load of Danni's negative mood. “I would never endure here until the end. I don't even want to be a jungle queen. What should I enjoy here? There is hardly anything to eat, no real toilet, no real shower, ”says the mother of five. Sven sees it very differently. “The shower is awesome, under the open sky. What do you want more We're fine here. If you think like you can shoot yourself, ”said the boxing world champion energetically. How can you think like that? After all, he and Danni come from the simplest of circumstances. Danni makes no secret of this: “There were times after my first divorce and I even went to the table to get food. So I know what it really means to have nothing. I had no coal, no job, but three children. I didn't know what to do! I was a Hartz IV recipient for years. "
    Treasure hunt "Four Fists": On the first treasure hunt: When Claudia Norberg and Marco Cerullo reach the treasure site, they put on kangaroo costumes and put on boxing gloves. Claudia jokes about her big "cock". In order to receive the coveted key for the treasure chest, the costumed camper marbles have to be transported from one glass box to another through a small opening. The Wendler-Ex and the Bachelorette candidate are successful, get the key and carry the treasure chest back to the camp. The question of what is the reason for separation No. 1 for men in Germany according to a study (Answer A: Sex too rarely, Answer B: The feeling of not being loved enough) is answered correctly (Answer B: The feeling of not being loved) enough to be loved). The joy of the jungle campers is huge when the chest opens. They sniff their contents extensively: three peppermint tea bags. Elena disappointed: "Are you serious? Three teabags, what is that? "
    Sven on aging: is the world champion boxing weak? Does the phantom find its strongest opponent in the form of the jungle? In the night there is a conversation between old and young. The 52-year-old Sven to the 21-year-old Marco: “In my head I'm young. I think I can do everything. But then you notice that the body no longer gives what is going on in your head. The difference between body and mind is getting bigger and bigger. ”At the first test on day 1 (test:“ bridge ”) he overworked, reveals Sven Marco. "It was totally hell. The head was: I rock that immediately. And the body said: shift in the shaft, ”Sven adopts admittedly. When he thought he had it, he fell off the bridge. Sven disappointed: "Perverted, at some point you have to face the reality that the body no longer gives everything the way you want it to be." Although he is fit because he runs and does strength training, it is still not as it is used to be. "Age catches up with you", Sven summarizes his current condition. Nevertheless, he tells younger Marco: “Always think positively. The new motto is positive. "

    The pitfalls of the night: snoring, searching for frogs and the rule dilemma: "Someone snores when they saw a full program," reports the boxing world champion to Marco during the night. The two try to determine from which corner of the camp the snoring comes. "It's already medium hatred," says the angry Sven, because he can't find the snorer. It turns out that Sven does not know the names of his fellow campers. Helmut, Michael, Anna Lena and "the one who was abandoned by her husband", Sven lists his sleeping fellow campers. Finally, he accuses the dreaming Raul (Sven: "The one who just made night watch with Prince Damien"). And even a frog robs the stars of their well-deserved sleep: Claudia doesn't get an eye shut. Elena is annoyed at the gas hob: "How loud are the frogs, how blatant?" Prince Damien and Toni go on a frog hunt, bounce through the forest like the green amphibians and croak like mad. The jungle tugs on the psyche of the two singers. Sven and Marco are also tugging in the head, especially Marco is giving two camp rules a headache, which he discusses extensively with the boxing world champion: Are they allowed to fetch water if they are supposed to keep watch at the gas hob? And when is the night watch actually over? "As soon as it is light, the night is over, isn't it?" Wondered helpless Marco. Sven is certain that there must always be two people at the gas hob. "Go to sleep!" Sven calls to the tired 31-year-old, who has completely tied a knot in his head.
    Marco's fears: "If you want to talk, say it," said Raúl to Marco, who is currently pondering and sobbing in the jungle toilet. He is not doing well, he tells the actor. Marco: “I never thought that it would be so difficult in the jungle. It's so difficult. ”Marco is also afraid that his participation in the jungle will change the relationship with girlfriend Christina Grass (31). "Sometimes I say strange things that I don't really mean," said the Bachelorette candidate. Raúl: "Christina knows you. You already had a really good time together. ”The two men pull back on the pond. Marco bursts into tears because he doesn't know what to expect after the jungle. He misses Christina and is afraid of losing her, says the 31-year-old. Marco regrets having given his cell phone to Christina, who is waiting for him at the Hotel Versace: “You never know who will write from before! I shouldn't have given her my cell phone. ”Later on the jungle phone, Marco cries:“ Everyone's in a good mood, but in reality it's not that cool. ”He loves Christina very much, the last few months with her have been very intense. "Don't know what's going on outside. Never thought that I would reach my limits. ”Does his longing for Christina force him to give up in the jungle?

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