The Batman: First picture of the new Batman


     Whenever there is a new joker or a new Batman, it is particularly exciting to see the first pictures. That was last the case with Joaquin Phoenix with his Joker (see trailer below) and is of course no different with Robert Pattinson as the new Batman. Now the time has finally come: We present you one of the first pictures of Robert Pattinson in his new role in The Batman.
    For a long time, a suitable actor was sought for director Matt Reeves' new Batman vision. When Robert Pattinson of all people received the coveted role, this choice was not cheered by all Batman fans. But that was probably because many cinema goers still associate him with his twilight glitter vampire. It is a good thing that he can currently be seen in a much darker role with The Lighthouse.
    Because since the Batman interpretations by comic legend Frank Miller, the Dark Knight of Gotham City has also been considered somber. The Batman by Matt Reeves should not be based on that, but it can be assumed that we will probably not be dealing with a light-footed superhero of older days in the new Batman movie.
    Reeves especially wants to highlight the investigative skills of Batman and Bruce Wayne, which in his opinion have not been sufficiently used in previous films. We suspect that Bruce Wayne could therefore be seen comparatively often in The Batman without a Batman costume (even if he was able to carry out his investigation in the comic without any problems in the costume).
    One of the first photos taken from The Batman's set shows Robert Pattinson in his new Batman role for the first time. However, actually not in Batman costume, but disguised in a different way.

    Just want to clear something up! My pic on the left was taken at 12.30pm when they used a stand-in to set up the shot.My pic on the right was taken at 3.30pm when filming was active and it's clearly Robert Pattinson. Trousers, boots, jacket all have differences
    – Wade Gravett (@WadeGrav) January 6, 2020

    Filming The Batman with Robert Pattinson has just started in London. So it is only a matter of time before someone will put a picture of the new batsuit on the net. The US release date for the DC film is June 25, 2021. The date has not yet been confirmed in Germany, but it is likely to be June 24, 2021.

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