Video: Cats Predict the Future of Netflix Series


    Movies with cats you should have seen:
    Schmidt's cat: In Schmidt's cat, the shy Werner Schmidt finally goes looking for a partner after his mother has passed away. But on his dates, the electronics-enthusiastic, organized single man unfortunately only looks like a bore – and is therefore not lucky with love.
    Happiness is a cat: Frido Schulz and Rosa Schatzlein have known each other since their studies. But while Rosa had a career as a lawyer, Frido had to take over the father's electronics store.
    Cat in a poke: When the waitress Doris comes back to her train compartment, Karl suddenly sits there – and disturbs. The smart daredevil bursts not only into her compartment and later into her karaoke bar, but also into her strange, voyeuristic affair with the aging security specialist Brockmann.
    Rubbeldiekatz: The actor Alexander Honk is not exactly showered with role offers and his agent and brother Jürgen are no help to him either. But because money doesn't grow on trees, work is urgently needed.
    Cats: adaptation of the famous musical "Cats" by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, which premiered in 1981. The musical tells the stories of various members of the “Jellicle Cats” group of cats, who come together every year for the big “Jellicle Ball” on a London dump.
    Stephen King's cat eye: A cat is the connecting link between the three horror episodes. In the first part, a notorious chain smoker begins a very special withdrawal cure, the macabre methods of which are almost even more harmful than smoking itself.

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