Wilder: Swiss thriller series starts at TVNOW


     Thrilling mini series against an impressive backdrop: The snow-covered Swiss mountain village of Oberwies is making the headlines. A brutal murder of the artist Armon Todt (Christian Kohlund) and the disappearance of the daughter (Amira El Sayed) of a rich Egyptian investor (Ercan Durmaz) disturb the supposed idyll. A flourishing future for the mountain village should begin right now. Because the rich investor planned to build a hotel. A project that is increasingly met with resistance from the villagers. Is there a connection with the insidious murder? And is the kidnapping victim still alive?
    Time is short for police officer Rosa Wilder (Sarah Spaled). She grew up in Oberwies and is now supposed to clear up the cases. She has to share the management of the investigation with the lonely federal criminal police officer Manfred Kägi (Marcus Signer, "The Little Witch"), who is used to working alone. But they become a good team that brings a lot to the surface: secrets that affect the place and its roommates – but also Rosa's life.
    The successful first season of the thriller series "Wilder", which will be shown exclusively on TVNOW from January 15, 2020, comprises six episodes. The series achieved excellent ratings at its TV premiere in Switzerland and has already been extended by a second and third season. For his role in the mini series "Wilder", Marcus Signer was awarded the Swiss TV Prize in the "Best Actor" category. Sarah Spale ("Night Train to Lisbon"), László I. Kish ("Crime Scene") and Christian Kohlund ("The Zurich Krmi") can be seen in other leading roles.

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