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    The story of Vom Gießen Des Zitronenbaums Trailer: The artist Elia comes from Nazareth and has to be very surprised about the country and its people. Even your own garden and its lemon trees are not safe from the desires of your neighbors. Soon Elijah sets out to become at home elsewhere and leave the strange loneliness of the observer shaking his head. He goes to those countries where women are free and where art is so tolerant, where the parks are open and no one steals neighboring lemons. Elia becomes a scout in the westernmost cities, Paris and New York. On his forays through the urban spaces, he finds himself among aggressive park visitors, remote-controlled tourists, rolling police officers and walkers armed to the teeth. Elia must be surprised again, but the miracle soon becomes a familiar familiarity. Here, too, the world has gotten out of joint, a horror in the encounters. The facial expressions of those who arrived as home seekers and are condemned to be impassive are getting smaller and smaller. And the extent of the absurd that has become our normality is increasing. In the end, is there only friendship with a small, cheeky bird? Elia returns to his garden in Nazareth and has to be surprised again: about a lovingly cared for and thriving lemon tree.Actors: Elia Suleiman, Ali Suliman, François Girard, Gael García Bernal, Stephen McHattie, Kwasi Songui, Grégoire Colin, Holden Wong, Alain Dahan, Vincent Maraval, Sébastien Beaulac, Ossama Bawardi, François Girard, Robert Higden, Nael Kanj, Raïa Haïdar, Aldo Lopez, Kengo Saito, Bich Ly-Cuong, Gabrielle Mankiewicz, Yumi Narita, Stephen Mwinga, Basil McKenna, Daniel Naaser, Mathieu Samaille, Kamil Silbak
    Directed by Elia Suleiman
    Production: Thanassis Karathanos, Édouard Weil, Zeynep Ozbatur Atakan, Michel Merkt, Laurine Pelassy, ​​Martin Hampel, Serge Noël
    Script: Elia Suleiman
    Background: As a light-hearted flaneur, director Elia Suleimann sets off and experiences an odd journey into the absurd abyss of our time. Hardly ever has the shock of an observer expressed itself so lightly in a comedy of errors. With a lot of fun in the comedy, which is in contradiction, grand sketches succeed in VOM GIESSEN DES ZITRONENTAU, which combine to form the terribly beautiful panorama of an approaching apocalypse.
    Film music: Lars Ginzel, Olivier Touche, Gwennolé Le Borgne, Johannes Doberenz, Johannes Doberenz
    Country of production & year: France, Palestinian Territory, Qatar, Germany, Canada, Turkey 2019

    Roles: Elia SuleimanHimselfAli SulimanMad ManFrançois GirardpolicemanGael García BernalHimselfStephen McHattieTarot ReaderKwasi SonguiNew York Taxi DriverGrégoire Colinman in the metro holden WongPoliceman 6Alain Dahanimmigration officerVincent MaravalProducer in ParisSébastien BeaulacPoliceman # 3Ossama BawardiPriestRobert HigdenPoliceman # 2Nael KanjBishopRaïa HaïdarWoman in the parkAldo LopezPoliceman # 4Kengo SaitoJapanese ManBich Ly-CuongOld Lady Palais Royal Gabrielle MankiewiczReceptionistYumi NaritaJapanese CoupleStephen MwingaPoliceman # 5Basil McKennaPoliceman # 1Daniel NaaserGroomMathieu SamaillePlane captainKamil SilbakPriest # 1

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